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Review: MG 1/100 Dynames Gundam

Release Date: March 2019

Price: 4860JPY/ 50.51USD/ 67.42CAD

Another day, another OO kit that to review. Without me even admitting it, I have been reviewing OO kit for 2 years now. I built the MG F91 2.0 and gave my thoughts on it. Since i started Gunpla Network, I have reviewed the PG Exia Lighting Ver., the MG OO XN Raiser, the MG OO Raiser, the MG OO Seven Swords. I cant’t really complain since all of these kits are pretty great. I know it’s the current cool trend to dislike them since Bandai has been pushing the OO line so hard in the last few years. I mean, even the main mobile suit from Build Divers is a OO variant. At least they put the spotlight back on the AGE Line…… the only thing that stupid show did right. Yeah I went there.

But let’ s go back to the MG OO Line. It’s a good line….if you like Setsuna’s suits, otherwise well F*** You. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked….actually everything changed back in March when bandai released the MG 1/100 Dynames Gundam. Nani!?!?! a non setsuna OO MG????? WTF Bandai?!?!?!? Are you not supposed to not give us stuff that we want? Disclaimers : i am super biased. I love the Dynames design with passion, even Mel Gibson would not be able to translate it on the Silver Screen. Sniper unit just make me feel like a young teenage girl watching the Notebook for the first time, starring Ryan Gosling (a good canadian kid). So much hype around that kit. But is it great? It seems that the youtube consensus is F*** Yeah!!! but is it really???……Yeah im not toying with you, it’s fantastic. But why is it fantastic tho? Let’s dive into it shall we, for Neil Dylandy

Building Process : 9/10

I like where Bandai is going with the new ‘’no polycaps’’ policy. It makes the kit more sturdy, but at the same time, almost makes it seem more fragile. But i’m ok with that, it’s a plastic model not an action figure. You are not supposed to play around with it. All the runners are brand new, nothing is recycled from the old OO kits (from my understanding). The build is fantastic, really reminiscent of the Freedom 2.0 Frame Line without the waist peg issue. Actually it feels exactly like that. Bandai is flexing hard with these new molds and i feel the future for the MG line is really bright. This is a simple kit to build really, it’s entry level master grade stuffs.

If you are a newcomer to the line there is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing i could point out is the nubmarks, since the Dynames is mainly a dark green suit the plastic mark really easily but at that point this is your fault for not taking your time and sanding these smalls nubs properly. It’s nothing new. Its always been like that with dark colored kits. I had some minor issues with the head, where i was not sure why it did not clip properly but that was because i look too much ahead and realized that once the ‘’third eye’’ mechanic is properly in place everything close up perfectly. So in terms of building process really newcomer friendly and fun to build; there is nothing boring.

Overall Look : 9/10

I told you i was biased, and even if i wasn’t, that kit is breathtaking. The color separation is spectacular! The kit has a few stickers for the cameras and the lenses and the eyes, regular stuff. But everything else is properly separated. Bandai just reminded us why they are one, if not the best company in the plastic model business. The proportions look great. I really appreciate the butt propulsors gimmick… wait, what? That sounded wrong. That thing just killed the No Grade Dynames. It’s not even funny, the NG Dynames is so dead, that even Haro is not even trying to bring it back to life. Fantastic panel line on all the kits, i always recommend to highlight the panel lines. But if you dont want to or dont feel confident enough to do so, they still look great by themselves. You cant say that about a lot of kits.

Minor gripes on the knee missiles : they are not the right color. Theses things are suppose to be orange-red and they are grey. Come on Bandai you go all the way to make it anime accurate but forget that! I know, i know im splitting hairs. But this is how cool this kit is looking.. I have to split hairs to find something wrong.

Articulation & Posing : 8/10

I have a issue with posing the kit and involves its small feet. It’s kind of hard make him stand properly when it’s fully armed. I was able to make it stand by rotating the feet at a certain angle, but even then, its a bit wobbly. The waist gimmick is nice, you can ‘’detach’’ it to have your Dyanmes in a sniping positon, im never going to use it because i want it to stand with all my other OO kits in all of its glory. It can look silly at some angles but it’s well implanted. Good Job Bandai! The lack of polycaps make that kit more solid (like i said above), but it also makes it feel more fragile, at least thats my opinion. Thats does not mean it is, it just feels like it.

I am not comfortable going too crazy with the action pose. I am not saying it’s a brick, not at all. Just saying i will put it in a certain pose and probably will never touch it again. I Love the GN Shield gimmick, you can easily rotate them and positon them the way you want without any concerns, and damn theses things look awesome. You also got that ‘’third eye’’ gimmick which is a camera that help the dynames snipe anybody ass from the other side of the universe. If you watched Mobile Suit Gundam OO you know what i’m talking about. That thing is a bit hard to engage. I had to use my tweezers to reveal the camera, something ill probably will never use again but still a cool gimmick.

Accessories : 10/10

You get the GN Pistols, and they look great! You get the GN Shield they look fantastic! you got 2 beam sabers… meh. But we know why we are all here….that gorgeous sniper rifle. That’s the main piece and the color separation is fantastic! You have different tones of gray in there. It’s easy to build. This is the Sniper Gundam… you had to expect Bandai to go all in with it and they did.

Final Score : 9/10

The MG 1/100 Dynames Gundam represent the future of the Master Grade Line. It take what the Freedom Frame 2.0 did, expands on it and makes it better. The recent release from the MG line were ok. Nothing too sensational. But this…. this blew my melon away. This is the perfect kit to introduce someone to the MG Line and it offer so many customisation options. I just hope we will see a couple of MG Dynames in the next GBWC.

Bandai had seemed to slow down on the MG releases in recent years. But they are slowly getting better and the MG 1/100 Dynames is the apogee of this. I just hope that at this point, Bandai will finally put on their big boy pants and decide to bring all the other OO suits to the MG Line.

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