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Gundam Hazel MG 1/100 TR1 Assault Custom (Jacob Paolo Tan)

Artist: Jacob Paolo Tan

Title: Gundam Hazel MG 1/100 TR1 Assault Custom

I started doing gunpla around may of 2017(still a newbie in a way lol) which was just a few weeks after my Osaka trip. It was my cousin's husband that actually told me to buy a kit during our japan

vacation, because it was really cheap there. So yeah i looked around and ended up buying 2 SD kits and 2 PGs being displayed at that time, it was the Unicorn and the Banshee,

because there were LEDs in it, yeah it looked really cool. Being resilent about starting with the PGs, I bought myself an mg strike freedom, some spray paint, a side cutter, some sand paper and went right into it! totally loved the experience!! I wanted more!

For this particular build I'm testing out some new stuff to challenge myself. I always had a quirk with designs, and i enjoy putting balance and art in everything.

As of now i would prefer clean builds, and then work my way up doing weathering. Whats really nice with building gunpla is that its a progressive hobby, you learn a lot and move up while enjoying it!

All i can say is keep building, have patience, accept positive criticisms from mistakes and you'll do great!

added Ms Weapon 01 kotobukiya rocket launcher and double gatling gun

Painted in military colors/old camouflage patterns

Od green

Olive drab

Sand yellow

Light Brown

Dark Gunmetal

Much Love!

Designed and built by :Jacob Tan (Vibe Monkeys)

Photos: Halocat

-Jacob Tan

Vibe Monkeys

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