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War Hero Clones Himself To Live Out Punk Rock Fantasy

The Republic of Zeon - Literal Char Clone Zoltan Akkanen informed everyone within ear shot at a local Space Denny's, Home of the Space Grand Slam for only $9.99 Space Dollars, that we was created so Char could live a punk rock life style. 

For more about that slamming deal visit to find a location near you. 

It's been reported by Akkanen's colleagues that this is a regular occurrence but confusion follows after every announcement. Erika Yugo, a comrade of Akkanen's reported "He's just a confused kid. I mean the weight of Axis is on his shoulders, being Char's clone and all. He has to find someway to vent his frustrations. I'm not entirely sure he understands what punk rock is though. All I've ever heard him listen to is classical music like Bach and AFI. I mean they're alright but they aren't Black As Space Flag."

When asked for his thoughts, Akkanen simply said "You posers wouldn't get it. It's a punk thing." 

Upon further research it was found that Char Aznable AKA Casval Rem Deikun, was rather into smooth jazz but the likes of BB King of Space & Duke Spacington. 

At publishing Space Denny's is still offering slamming good deals while supplies last. 

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