• Thespicer

War Hero Calls Exorcist

Space 0087 - Famed war hero Amuro Ray has reportedly called an exorcist to exorcise the "ghost" of Ray's ex-girlfriend type person Lalah Sune. Ray reported this was totally not related to him seeing Beltorchika Irma or her pressuring him or anything.

When our crack team of ghost hunters attempted to make contact with Lalah Sune, they got this "Amuro is my man forever and always. No other woman is going to get him. Period. Where do you think Fraw and Sayla are? I ran them off with my sweet ghost powers." Several pots and pans clattered together, the air got cold and most of the team felt kinda sad. Randy the boom operator stated he felt "into it". Randy was promptly fired.

Irma contacted us to leave a comment, rather unusual but we took it. Gotta take what you can get. "I just don't know why those other woman gave up on him. He's like a sad, confused, haunted puppy who knows your feelings. I'm not really mad at him, I just don't know why he hasn't gotten rid of her sooner. Like he's holding onto the past or something. I just want to settle down and protect my little Amukins."

It was at this point Ray burst into the room confirming he has never condoned being called Amukins. "It doesn't even make sense, this isn't a teen drama filled with murders or anything. I like Beltorchika but sometimes she can be a little pushy."

The room went silents as everyone looked towards Irma and the now mysteriously Sune. "So I'm pushy for having an opinion? Is that it? Do you want me to be mindless like Fraw? I thought you liked me!" Irma runs off in tears. "Wow Amuro, what a dick move dude." Sune's ghost said as she chased after Irma.

At publishing Irma and Sune have become close friends and even started a "Why Amuro Sucks" club. It's reported this club meets in Ray's home. On occasions Ray attends as well.