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Top 5 "Ships" in Gundam

5.Kira & Lacus

While an unpopular opinion you can't disagree that Lacus is one Ride or Die lady, I mean she literally saved Kira twice & gave him new Gundams to go fight another day. She's literally a badass space princess with a knight in a shiny Gundam. Or a hospital bed, Kira tends to end up in those as well.

4.Duo & Hilde 

Much like Lacus, Hilde helps take care of Duo and even helps him escape her then employer Oz. Hilde leaves Oz & active helps Duo's struggles against space oppression, carrying on into Frozen Teardrop. Hilde is a terribly overlooked character and one of the best female characters in Wing.

3.Amuro & Sayla

Of course this is going to be on this list, I mean two of the coolest people on the White Base & natural New Types. Their connect doesn't just stop at their New Type connections though. It's been said that Amuro's journey through the One Year War has a lot to do with him dealing with troubles of the mother variety. While Fraw is certainly nurturing, she doesn't really push him all that much or challenge, Sayla does. While their bond is certainly different everyone & their dog has wanted this to be a thing forever.

2.Zechs & Noin

The ultimate version of denial, Zechs & Noin, at least for a long time. Noin is not only a talented pilot & trusted friend but also a very capable teacher. Don't forget when we first see her she's running the training at the Lake Victoria Base. She shines all on her own but bouncing off Zechs' stoic demeanor with wit & sass just makes this ship even better.

1.Shiro & Aina

A love so strong it ripped off Shiro's arm. That's really strong. But in all seriousness this is one of the best examples of humanizing both sides of the One Year War, showing both sides are good & evil. A really believable and genuine romance between enemy pilots, a story as old as time.


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