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Space Thanksgiving Turns Into A Fight

Neo America - Chibodee Crockett, Neo America's Gundam Fighter, hosted his yearly Thanksgiving feast this past week and while the event was certainly "festive", some were left beaten and battered. Bruised bi-standards reported a full on Gundam fight broke out between Crockett & Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu, over the topic of capes.

Crockett stated "Capes are so dumb, they're totally impractical in a fight. Anyone could grab it, I mean has the fool never seen The Incredibles? What kind of monster has never seen that movie?" Crockett continued his rantings about the validity of the popular Disney franchise.

Conversely, Kasshu remarked "How else am I going to look mysterious? I mean I could be hiding anything under that cape. A photo, a weapon, a tragic backstory, no one would know. I've done my duty this day and defended the honor of capes." Kasshu proceeded to show us his Cape Defenders badge given to him by the publication Capes Monthly, of which Kasshu is a long time member.

The fight leveled the immediate area and ruined several families thanksgiving dinners. The rest of the party guests went to the nearest Space Denny's as it was better than being crushed by Gundam, though only slightly better.

Fellow Gundam Fighter Allenby Beardsley of Neo Sweeden claimed the fight was worth watching but was greatly disappointed that she didn't get any Turkey.

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