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PBandai HGUC 1/144 AMX-018 [HADES] Todesritter-Release Info

PBandai HGUC 1/144 AMX-018 [HADES] Todesritter

Release Date: December 2020

Price: 3300 JPY

''The Todesritter is a high performance mobile suit deployed by Neo Zeon in U.C. 0090, and is made from the wreckage of the RX-80PR Pale Rider with assistance from Anaheim Electronics. The Pale Rider's outdated semi-monocoque construction was replaced with a movable frame and the machine's various drive systems were changed to newer versions. The HADES, which is stored in a black-box inside the head unit, was left untouched by the Neo Zeon.''

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