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P-Bandai MG 1/100 F90 Mission Packs O & U Release Info

P-Bandai MG 1/100 F90 Mission Packs O & U (packs only, MG F90 not included)

Release date: September 2020

Price: 2200 JPY

Translated description: <2 types of mission packs can be reproduced! >   A new mission pack created by Kunio Okawara in the commander-specific O90 type F90 A to Z PROJECT.   -Reproduced with new molding the commander specifications that are characterized by a large blade antenna and a reinforced rifle equipped in the backpack.   Vulcan Pod / Large Blade Antenna   A replica of the additionally armed Vulcan Pod and large blade antenna equipped in the backpack.   Waist / Beam saber rack The beam saber rack relocated from the backpack to the left side armor is reproduced.   Equipped with a reinforced rifle expansion and contraction gimmick, it is possible to reproduce the normal state and high output state.   In addition, the energy pack at the rear of the rifle is removable. -Similar to the U (uplift) type   O type that departs from the atmosphere, a new mission pack drawn by Kunio Okawara.   The super-large booster, the frame that locks each part of the aircraft, and the fairing cover are three-dimensionalized with new molding. Large volume with a total length of about 30 cm.   Ultra-large booster   Three-dimensional booster integrated with a large propellant tank.   With the attached display stand, it can be displayed with the propellant tank installed.   Each part frame / fairing cover The   frame that fixes each part of the aircraft and the fairing cover that protects are reproduced.   The lower body lock frame that connects to the legs can be moved in four places. -Water transfer type decals are included.   Water transfer decals including original markings are included. Set contents: O type equipment set / U type equipment set * MS body is not included in this product. *This product includes only "Mission Pack O type & U type".


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