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P-Bandai HG 1/144 Gundam Plutone Release Info

Price: 2420 JPY

Release date: September 2020

Translated description:

From the 2nd generation "4th" Gundam "Mobile Suit Gundam 00P", a second generation Gundam prototype No. 4 equipped with a GN drive-GNY-004 Gundam Pultone-has been completely remodeled into a new model. Reproduced coloring in molding colors. It is possible to reproduce the core fighter in the state built in the MS and the flight form by replacing the parts. -Reproduce the characteristic airframe form with completely new modeling! -Faithfully reproduce the form and details of the aircraft with built-in core fighter. Head -The head features a two-slit mask slit that inherits the design line of the first-generation Gundam "O" Gundam. Body


-Faithfully reproduce the body shape equipped with the GN drive separation system including the chest cockpit. The front and rear GN drives can be attached and detached. Equipped with a multi-joint arm and a drawer gimmick, it is possible to deploy elbow armor. In addition to the clasped wrist parts, left and right hand parts are included. -GN Vernier. The "GN Vernier" on the shoulders and waist is reproduced with a yellow molding color.

-GN Capacitor

The waist "GN Capacitor" is accurately reproduced. The GN particle supply cord uses a flexible and soft material.

-Reproduce the GN beam saber detachable gimmick in the knee armor. In addition, flexible movement is achieved by multiple joints and drawer gimmicks. -Reproduce the core fighter!   Reproduce the flight form by replacing the cockpit parts and the back GN drive attached to the MS body with the attached core fighter dedicated block.   A 3 mm hole allows a display with an action base sold separately. -Dedicated armament is three-dimensionalized with new modeling!

  Includes large-diameter GN beam rifle, GN beam saber, and GN shield.

  GN Shield reproduces characteristic coloring with molding color


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