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My Top 5 Common Gundam GIFS

We all love those little moving pictures, even if we can't agree on how to pronounce something that's clearly a G & produces a G sound. Sure technically anyone can make a Gif but lets look at whats out there. I love using Gifs & figures why not rank these, who knows, maybe you'll get to use them in your own conversations.

5. 08th MS RX-79 Ground Type Gundam Firing On A Zaku AKA Deaf Man

This poor dudes ears are shot, not even bose makes noise cancellation to save you for that Feddie Scum. (yes shameless name drop). If you've ever opened up the Gif plugin on your phone & types Gundam this is one of the first tom com up & for good reason. While no Amuro or Char this is about as Gundam as it gets.

4. All The Emotions

Want to tell someone your anger, profess your love or defeat your enemies? Domon's got ya covered. From love interests to arch rivals, this gif will surely convey the message.

3. You Can Hear It

Gonna be honest I don't think I've ever used this one but it's just heavy, I long for the day I need to use this. No idea what I'd use it for but something. Maybe shooting down an idea or a good old dig at myself.

2. Que the 00 Theme

You know I can leave the Exia off this list. Getting ready to head into battle or perhaps just another day at your soul crushing job? Start you're day like Exia and blow through that nonsensical purple space smoke, ignite those beam sabers and let's jam. Side effects may include wanting to be a gundam & assimilating with an alien species.

1. Right The Lightning(Bolt)

Ending this list is a jack of trades. Io launching can be used for anything. Stoked for you new space jazz song that's a banger? Speeding to get to work? Speeding to wipe out Zeon? Some many uses. This is my most used Gundam Gif, just who doesn't want to be this crazed?


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