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Hobby Link Japan Holiday Gift & Shipping Guides

Hello all my fellow patrons of plastic, Thespicer here to cover Hobby link Japan's Holiday Guides. With the current Covid-19 situation in the world we'll have a Holiday Shipping Guide to cover as well. Click the banners below to check it all out with your own eyes.

First things first, what do those fine folks over at Hobby Link Japan have as their top picks in the Gunpla category? We'll luckily I'm here to unbox this 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

In the 1st place spot is the HG RX-78-2 Gundam (Gundam The Origin Version). While one of many RX-78-2's to come out this year, the Origin version offers a set of a large variety of accessories and a more realistic feel to out beloved Gramps Gundam. This High Grade pushed the limits of what's considered normal for the grade, making it one of the standout kits of 2020. Looking for the classic Gundam vibe for yourself or you favorite modeler? Look no further.

In 2nd place we have the MG Kyrios Gundam from Gundam 00's first season. The Kyrios builds off of 2019's impressive MG Dynames, while adding a solid transformation and a bright orange color scheme. Not only is this build one of the best the MG line has to offer, but the Kryios's silhouette is one of the most notice in all of Gundam. A stand out is a sea of White, Blue, Red and Yellow. For those who want a little more challenge or just more detail, the MG Kyrios is sure to please.

In 3rd we have the gift for the hardcore Universal Century fan in your life, the Master Grade Ver Ka FAZZ. Taking the iconic ZZ Gundam design, adding a larger cannon and a mostly monochromatic color scheme makes this a must have for any Universal Century diehard. This bulky, yet classic design is sure to catch the eye of the modeler in your life.

In 4th place we have the HGBD:R Gundam GP-Rise-Two-Ten. Taking the infamous GP-02 Gundam from 0083 Stardust Memories, this suit applies a new Orge theme. Between the mostly red color scheme, the 2 large heat blades and that unmistakable head, this HG kit will standout on any modeler's shelf. A fun build with a menacing result.

In 5th place we have the Real Grade Force Impulse Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny. This kit not only have most surface detail than any other version of the Force Impulse to date, but also brings the newest engineering technology Bandai has whipped up for the Real Grade line. If the modeler in your life is looking for something different to re-inspire their passion, look no further.

In the 6th place spot we have the newest addition to the popular Iron Blooded Orphans line of High Grades, the HG Gundam Hajiroboshi. With the Iron Blooded Orphans lines of kits and the show bringing in a new generation of Gundam fan, it's likely the modeler in your life has a few Iron Blooded Orphans kits on their shelf. The Hajiroboshi provides a distinctive silhouette and will no doubt please any builder.

In 7th we have something a little different with the Figure-rise Standard Fumina Hoshino from Gundam Build Fighters Try. If the modeler in your life enjoyed the series, why not offer them something vastly different in terms of the build process and engineering.

In 8th we have the newest addition to the HGUC line with the Baund Doc from Zeta Gundam. There's no doubt with such a different design, the Baund Doc is sure to stand out on any modeler's shelf. Offering a different build, advanced engineering and a striking design, the Baund Doc is sure to leave any modeler happy.

In 9th we have the newest addition to the HGAC line with the Gundam Heavyarms from Gundam Wing. If you're a 90's kid from North American, you grew up on Gundam Wing, between a stellar design and pure nostalgia, the HGAC Gundam Heavyarms is a must have for any modeler.

Rounding us out at number 10, we have something different with the Gundam Universe Tallgeese action figure. Coming in around the 6 inch mark, this figure will stand between the traditional 1/144 scale of the HG & RG lines and the 1/100 scale of the MG line. Got a Gundam fan that hasn't taken the leap of faith into Gunpla? This figure serves a the perfect addition to any fans shelf.

As for the shipping container sized elephant in the room, Hobby Link Japan has several different shipping options to help accommodate everyone. Need the prodcuts sooner rather than later? DHL & FedEx can reach likely reach your country sooner than traditional shipping options. Got the time but not the cash? No worries, EMS and Airmail Small Packet may take a littler longer but are easier on your wallet. For more details check out Hobby Link Japan's shipping guide linked in the banner at the top of this post.


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