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HG 1/144 BuCUE - Review or Who's A Good Boy ???

Zeta Kai is back with the review of the best doggo the HG 1/144 BuCUE from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

The TMF/A-802 BuCUE is a mobile suit designed for ground combat and unlike other ZAFT mobile suits, it is a quadruped machine. The four-legged design distributes the weight of the BuCUE, giving it greater balance and the ability to move on irregular or difficult terrains on earth much more easily and nimbly than standard two-legged MS. Additionally, each leg is equipped with a caterpillar-treads. BuCUE can enter a "tank-mode" by crouching down and moving on these treads, giving it greater speed when travelling on terrains such a sandy deserts or snowy fields.


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