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A Historical Narrative about Gundam's Miracles

Throughout Gundam, there have always been oft-unspoken moments at the climax of a series, akin to the force from Star Wars or a power up from Dragon Ball Z.

Many times, fans speculate about what these powers are, asking one another for clarification. It's one of our favorite things to talk about when it comes to Gundam!

But this information is as long as Star Wars, and as complex as Star Trek and other times, lost in time or translation (or lack thereof). And, some theories have been retconned!

Today, I thought we would revisit what we know about our favorite show's mysterious events in Gundam tradition: A historical narrative!

Please note that there will be spoilers from various Gundam scenes past this point.

Let us begin.


The Lost Technologies of Universal Century


Throughout mankind's history in space, there have been records of phonomena that can only be explained as a miracle to those who claim to have witnessed them.

Some claim that a mysterious power emerged from beyond during a time of need, while others have reported that they felt the emotions of strangers, heard the souls of the dead or even left their physical bodies for a time.

While this may sound unrealistic, as we know, there were many wars fought between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation.

Zeon Zum Deikun, the original leader of what later became the Principality of Zeon, had once theorized that humanity would expand their cognitive ability within the depths of space.

Regardless of whether or not either party were justified, many later unclassified documentation from The Principality of Zeon, The Republic of Zeon, Earth Federation Space Forces, Anaheim Electronics as well as ECOAS reveals that many legitimate technologies, now lost, were created that seem to line up with this theory.

An example of a Universal Century era 'black-box' system designed to automatically activate and combat other 'cognitively expanded' individuals.

For the sake of staying within our intended study, we will hope that you listened in your history classes regarding the motivations of the Titans, Haman Karn, Char Aznable and the Remnants of Zeon thereafter.

Instead, we will continue forward with our focus solely on the technologies that emerged during what many would consider to be the height of humanity's most terrible wars, that later came to be known as Char's Rebellion.

The Emergence of Psycommu, Psycho-Chip and Psycho-Frame


At some point between the end of what came to be known as the One Year War, the most tragic war in humanity's history, a new technology was created, known as the Psycommu.

The Psycommu is a machine that functions on the basis that there are brainwaves beyond the electrical impulses in our nervous system but that other 'thought waves' exist.

Historical documents seem to suggest that these brainwaves are not affected by Minovsky Particles, which as we know, disrupts all forms of electronic radio communication and are active in all battleships and stealth technologies.

This machine takes these signals from the brain and translates them into digital code. From there, certain intentions can be quantified in a manner that a computer can read, which in turn, can have programs created to execute certain actions or automated functions, all in the blink of an eye.

But at first, this technology was only able to be installed due to the system needed to support them, limiting them to large proof-of-theory test type units and mobile armors.

Shortly after the creation of the Psycommu, another advancement occured in the form of the Bio-Sensor and later, the Psycho-Chip.

An artists rendition of what a UC era Mobile Suit with a Bio-Sensor fully activated might have looked and performed like during it's performance-enhanced state.

The Bio-Sensor, which is categorized as a variant of the Psycommu is small enough to be within a mobile suit that improves performance to the main computer and directly translates thought energy into raw energy and can multiply speed and energy several times in relation to the pilot's mental state and it seems to activate at peak only in response to strong thought.

Where the additional energy comes from is unknown to us, even to this day.

Shortly after the Bio-Sensor, the Psycho-Chip emerged and miniaturized the Psycommu reducing the size of it's subsystems greatly, revolutionalizing psycho-technologies.

When the Psycho-Chips are imbued onto a metal frame at the atomic level, it is then referred to a Psycho-Frame, which can be built into the cockpit surrounding the pilot, enabling for use in mobile suits.

Complex functions performed by mobile suits in near-real time due to the advances of thoughtwave communications systems.

The creation of the Psycho-Frame allowed for wider availability and close-range use of the Psycommu. It was not long after the Psycommu's creation that the first battle between mobile suits equipped with Psyco-Frame technology occured which led to humanity's accidental emergence into what can only be described as 'unknown territory' according to documents retrieved from that era.

Axis Shock: Humanity Witnesses The Psycho-Field


During the height of what we know today as Char's Rebellion, two mobile suits equipped with Psycho-Frame technology faced off against one another in battle, marking the first known or official battle between mobile suits equipped with brainwave to machine code technology.

During this standoff, the Zeon colony Axis was intentionally set to fall towards Earth, which would have surely resulted in the decimation of Earth's life cycle for quite some time. Several conflicts, including this one, had damaged Earth's ability to sustain itself.

Many sacrificed their lives on both sides in their attempts to prevent the asteroid Axis from falling to Earth.

Publically, official documentation states that Londo Bell, an Anti-Zeon Task Force, was successfully able to detonate the asteroid's nuclear engines to split the asteroid in two to divert it's course but later, it was discovered that a reaction between two mobile suits equipped with Psycho-Frame technology created a unmeasurable event, later referred to as a 'Psycho-Field' that redirected the asteroid's course away from Earth.

Both pilots were Killed In Action with no trace of their bodies, revealing the terrifying unpredictability of Psyco-Frame augmented mobile suits.

This event was unofficially referred to in the highest chains of the Earth Federation Space Forces as 'Axis Shock'.

Humanity's first discovery of the Psycho-Field diverts Axis from Earth.

Earth Federation Space Force describes the Psycho-Field as a phomena that occurs when two Psycho-Frames are overly active within close proximity to one another, causing a unpredictable reaction.

The first documented event of a Psycho-Field had been codenamed Axis Shock, which was enough to stop an asteroid from impacting Earth and caused two bodies to vanish into thin air.

The appearance of a Psycho-Field is treated a cataclysmic event due to it's unpredictable nature and inability to be calculated, quantified or controlled.

Despire awareness of the existence of the Psycho-Field, like many wars before it, humanity still utilized the Psycho-Frame technology despite it's unknown potential.

Full Psycho-Frame Technology and Anti Psycho-Frame Warfare


While it is not directly related to Full Psycho-Frame Technology, it is advisable to refresh the event that marked the most prominent use of Psycho-Frame technologies, due to the fact that this technology alone influenced the course of history within this conflict.

The military's utilization of 'Newtypes' and 'Cyber-Newtypes' as well as the technologies that were utilized to assist and enhance their 'abilities', the Psycommu and Psycho-Frame advanced the complexity of mobile suit warfare.

It was now possible for highly advanced mobile suits, or squadrons of them, to single-handedly turn the tide of a battle, or conflicts with these advancements alone, creating the desperate need for those who were cognitively expanded 'Newtypes', or those who were created to be like them through inhumane genetic experimentation, 'Cyber-Newtypes', so that these weapons could be utilized to counter their enemies use of them, creating great tragedies of human experimentation, genetic manipulation and collateral damage.

Declassified historical footage depicting a single Psycho-Frame equipped mobile suit exercising it's war potential against an entire wing of non psyco-frame equipped mobile suits during the Laplace Conflict of UC 0097.

Once again, neither side had a significant advantage over the other and several wars of attrition between the Earth Federation Space Force and The Principality of Zeon remnants, who had re-organized into the The Republic of Zeon occured as they often reacted simply to respond to one another.

The Vist Foundation utilized their influence over the Earth Federation to take into their posession for themselves an experimental unit, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam from the Earth Federation's Universal Century Project, which were a series of weapons created by long time military contractor Anaheim Electronics, that used Anti-Newtype and Anti-Psycho-Weapon technologies and modified it to test it's pilot's worthiness to posess the Vist Foundation's inheritance, a power which was a part of Universal Century politics.

This event, known as The Laplace Conspiracy or Conflict/Incident, also brought with it, within the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam a technology that would alter the fate of humanity itself, the first Fully Psycho-Framed Mobile Suit.

Codename Singularity One: RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, the first mobile suit with a frame completely composed of Psycho-Frame that changed it's era.

The Psycho-Frame, previously, was only constructed in metal around the cockpit, or at times around some other areas around the frame, which was sufficient to significantly increase performance, introduce an era of mentally enhanced weapons, such as the all-range attack weapon funnel, as well as chaotic events, such as the Psycho-Field that became known as Axis Shock.

A Fully Psyco-Frame equipped mobile suit contains Psycho-Frame completely as part of the suit's inner frame construction from head to toe, granting it more Psycho-Frame than any other unit in existence.

RX-0 reveals it's Full Psycho-Frame Inner Construction prior to activation of it's 'glowing' effect, which is unknown in origin.

It has been noted that mobile suits like this have near-human, or faster than human response times. Due to this, these particular units have safety limiters to prevent mental collapse of the pilot, who's brain cannot control a large mobile suit at human speeds for very long.

RX-0, in Destroy Mode, is able to move with human complexity and articulate in real-time, using only the pilot's thought patterns, much like if the suit was the pilot's body.

The potential of Full Psycho-Frame Mobile Suits is unquantifiable, much like the Psycho-Fields they create that culminated into the Axis Shock that preceeded them.

Theories suggest that the Psycho-Frame, at higher-level functioning, responds first to the pilot's own will, which in turn seems to affect the color of the Psycho-Frame's glow.

Then, to other Newtypes or Psyco-Frame equipped mobile suits, such as in the events of Axis Shock, which can trigger Psycho-Fields that can be unpredictable.

Beyond that, it is said that one could go as far as reverse causality, travel back and forth in time, or communicate directly with the dead - or enter the realm where those who have passed have gone to.

One declassified theory that seems to originate from the Phoenix Hunt Incident suggests that remnants of energy, or souls reside within the psycho-frame and can peform nearly any function, such as reversing damage to the mobile suit itself, disabling electronics or machinery, or retaining what we consider to be a soul, in addition to creating locally controlled Psycho-Fields at will.

Declassified documents, as hard as they are to believe, state that 'Singularity One' utilized a dual Psycho-Field to shield a direct hit from what was then called a Colony Laser at the culmination of the Laplace Conspiracy.

RX-0, during the Phoenix Hunt Incident, generating a locally controlled, stable Psycho-Field to stop an explosion.

While this analysis cannot quantify the limitless potential of such a unpredictable technology, it is the theory of the author that these may be the states a Full Psycho Frame mobile suit have been observed in based on historical events.

"Green" seems to have an association with a stronger Psycho-Pilot, or Newtype that seems to have awakened to their fuller potential or expanded abilities and are likely walking very close between 'here' and wherever 'there' is.

"Blue" seems to be that the pilot is in complete control of their Newtype ability and can create and control Psycho-Fields at will, convery and amplify energy as well as speak telepathically to both the living and the deceased, as well as harness their energy. Is it the highest 'level' a Newtype can reach before no longer being able to stay within our reality, or is it actually a balance more aligned to our reality, just beneath the limits of "Green?"

The Boundary Between Real and Imagined: Psycho-Shard Technology Is Discovered


During the development of Full Psycho-Frame Technologies another accidental breakthrough was discovered: The Psycho-Shard.

The Psycho-Shard is much like a Psychoframe, however it's intended function seems to be more specific and singular, rather than all-encompassing as the Psycho-Frame may have been.

It was discovered that the Psycho-Shard can instantly create a Psycho-Field, which in some degree, can reliably control reality within the echelon of the field and modify it, based on the thoughts of the pilot alone, pushing humanity away from the limits of our existence and into the realm of creation or destruction by thought.

One may even argue that it is the realm and ability of those who are above humans.

Historical documents show the II Neo Zeong 'crushing' massive colony sized helium tanks in a fashion reminiscent of 'hands' in the middle of space, which if successful, would have caused an extinction level event.

II Neo Zeong activates it's Psycho-Field with it's Psycho-Shards.

To this date, only two weapons have identified as having a Psycho-Shard, the NZ-666 Neo Zeong and the II Neon Zeong, both of which were destroyed by a model of the RX-0 series.

Divine Messenger: Humanity's Use of Psycho-Technology


Regarding humanity's use of Psycho-Technology, history has shown that humanity will utilize a power during war to great destruction before it ceases. If so, then will humanity make the mistake of using Psycho-Frame or Psycho-Shard technology to it's own end?

Several strange occurences have been described near the end of documented knowledge of Psycho-Frame related events and in all records from both sides, an RX-0 series mobile suit, the only other type of mobile suit in that era within the caliber to contest a Psycho-Shard, seems to have either directly stopped a cataclysmic event from occuring in relation to a Psycho-Field related event, or seems to have directly or indirectly interfered in the culmination of one, such as in the case of the RX-0 Phenex, which later vanished just as quickly as the Neo Zeong did.

It was documented that it 'left the galaxy at lightspeed'.

Could it be true that Psycho-Frames, as well as Psycho-Fields truly do attract one another..?

Or is it, that these elements, the Psycho-Frame are humanity's connection beyond the boundary?

If so, are the people who are on the other side of the door using our connection to them to also walk into ours and protect us from opening anymore doors before it is too late?

Perhaps if the RX-0 Phenex should return, we could ask it.

But if it returns, will we be in a position to have time to ask like the last time it appeared...?



Thanks for pretending along with me and reading some of these updated theories brought all into one place. Hopefully it entertained you for a while. I'm aware that I didn't get every single psycho-technology in existence, if I did, I'd be typing forever.

Have a wonderful day!


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