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Gundam Military Generation (GMG) Mobile Suit Gundam Zeon Soldier Units 01-03

Gundam Military Generation (GMG) MSG Zeon Soldier Units 01-03

Release Date: December 2020

Price: 3,980 JPY Per Figure

Megahouse is bringing us 3 unique figures of classic Zeon Soldiers, with a plethora of accessories. Coming in at just over 100mm or right under 4 inches, these highly pose-able figures can replicate nearly any poses you'd want.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3


Each of the 3 units comes with parts to form a heavy machine bearing a striking resemblance to the infamous M2 Browning 50 caliber machine gun.

The ammo box even has a nice little Zeon insignia on it.

And for direct Megahouse or P-Bandai customers you'll get more interchangeable heads.


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