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GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Re:RISE” Streaming resumes from 20:00 on July 9th

Sotsu, Co.Ltd. and SUNRISE Inc. decided to resume streaming and broadcasting the new episodes of “GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Re:RISE” from 20:00 on July 9th, Thursday, while their broadcast and streaming have been postponed due to the novel coronavirus outbreaks.

Director Shinya Watada’s Message

Thank you so much for always supporting “GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Re:RISE”.

Please be informed that we decided to resume streaming the show from July 9th.

From now the story is accelerating towards its climax.

I would appreciate it if you could keep watching what will be happening to Hiroto and the other Build Divers as well as the planet Eldora till the very end.

We, all the production staff, continue to produce the show as we make sure everyone stay safe. Please look forward!

Shinya Watada, Director


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