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First Signs of a Original Gundam Remake?

Gundam: The Origin / Gundam Unicorn vibes detected

The 40th Anniversary of Gundam has spawned various events and media up until this point.

There was that cool Above and Beyond -ish acoustic-remix album of Gundam openings..

Those "what-if" crossover posters that had the whole Gundam community thinking we were going to get some kind of Gundam crossover anthology..

The official press release of a live Gundam movie in development with LIONSGATE films and SUNRISE..

You will like it, or you will like it. Your call.

And then we had the strange-but-awesome G40 RX-78-2 Gundam Industrial Ver. that was basically a re-designed Gundam from the ground up by fancy expensive car people for seemingly no reason, which basically became our version of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Then, the movie theatre lights turned on and everyone started walking out and you go "uhhhhh you can't just end the movie on us like THAT!" but they did and then Sunrise said "tough stuff. now buy the kit we made reason at all."

I had been contemplating this on the toilet on-and-off from time to time throughout the last few months since they released the Gundam G40, while the rest of the community turned it upside down and lifted it's skirt to decipher if they even like. (Consensus: We're not sure????)

SUNRISE doesn't do any teasers for no reason.

BANDAI doesn't make any single model for no reason.

My Wallet: bruh, did you just say "BANDAI?" We said we wasn't gonna...Oh. You're blogging. Carry on.

Yet, they just dropped the G40 Industrial Design ver. on us, said "Happy Birthday Gundam" and left the party.

Was that really all it was? Really? Until I saw...

JUST for the 40th Anniversary......You're SURE about that?

In the, we see graphics that are roughly similar to Gundam: The Origin style, which of course, does not mean we're on any sort of trend with that animation style for any future high budget projects, of course.

We also see what appears to be a slightly alternate take on the events leading up to the beginning of Gundam and some changes to the Gundam itself.

In my previous blog, the day before this video, I wrote about ideas I think Sunrise/Lionsgate should incorporate into the live movie if they ever get around to making it.

One of those ideas included modernizing the Gundam's learning computer have some form of sentience and perhaps, some resentment for the Gundam itself that Amuro as a character would have to work through, despite the Gundam itself being an individual.

In this trailer, we see the Gundam literally hunt Amuro down as he tries to get away only ominously open it's cockpit ala Unicorn-style and call out to a very reluctant Amuro, followed by a complete remake of the first Gundam scene.

We have no roadmap for G40 Char's Zaku Industrial Ver. It is promotional only.


We also see various remakes of historic scuffles involving the RX-78-2, including the legendary Char-kick, which was a suuuuper sneaky way to announce a possible G40 Industrial Ver Zaku (and it's subsuquent variants as well).

And at the very end, this sealed the deal for me:

- A full ending credit video, the kind that plays when any good anime ends, with full ending-theme like backgrounds.

- A ending theme song, to the best of my knowledge has not ever been heard of prior to now.

- ANOTHER theme song which has not been heard of until now, which if they released this later could be an OPENING THEME or INSERT SONG.

You think they paid those artists to make a whole new song for karaoke at a birthday party and NEVER use these materials again?

Not the Gundam vs Zaku fight?

Not the Char vs Gundam fight?

Not the remakes of at least 4 scenes that I can count from the original which could easily be Gundam SEEDed and played over and over again across various episodes?

Not the 2 brand new songs?????

So, I'm not going to jump the gun here but I am.

This space station reminds me of Laplace. Just saying..

I think this was supposed to be a teaser for a Mobile Suit Gundam remake.

Fight me.

GN Gene


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