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Figure-rise Bust Sakura Miku - Release Info

Figure Rise Bust Sakura Miku

Release Date: March 2021

Price: 2530 JPY

◆ Reproduce the cherry blossom color of the whole body with molding colors including pink pearls!

    The hair uses a pale pink molding color with the image of cherry blossoms.

    Reproduced in pink or milky white glittering pearl-like molding color on clothes.

◆ Cherry hair ornaments are included as new parts!

    Includes cute cherry hair ornaments with new parts.

    The cherries, stems, and leaves are reproduced in molded colors with separate parts.

◆ Includes a cherry blossom pattern marking sticker!

    The cherry blossom pattern that floats on the hair is recorded on the marking sticker.

    The marking sticker has excellent curved surface stickability and is ideal for sticking to thin parts.

◆ Various display styles for singing songs!

    Includes 4 types of hand parts. Depending on the combination

    You can choose and enjoy 4 types of poses.

◆ The display pedestal is a clear pink with glitter ♪

    Added cherry blossom markings to the display pedestal!



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