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Famous Fighter Struggles Naming Signature Moves

Neo Japan - Famed Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu has reportedly been struggling with naming his new finishing move.

"I wanted something as cool as the Shining Gundam and it's luminescent hand. The light emitting from it is trying to tell me something but it's getting lost in translation." A calm and cool headed Kasshu stated last week at the Neo Japan training facility in space.

Head mechanic Rain Mikamura tried explaining the science behind it all. "If Domon doesn't come up with a really neato name he'll get down on himself and lose all the Gundam fights. That's why his brother is secretly piloting Neo Germany's Gundam Spiegel this year. Or maybe it was the bad man Gundam. I can't remember."

After clarifying we were asking about the science behind the glowy hand thing the Gundam does Mikamura elaborated "Well I'm not technically suppose to talk about it but it's just really cool. Okay so all of Domon's emotions get turned into pure energy, we originally started with a machine that is powered by stress but Domon is so clam it didn't work.  All that energy is channeled into the hand and boom, shining fingers."

At the time of publishing Kasshu is bouncing back and forth between Glowy McGlow Fist and Open Palm Light Power.


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