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Environmentalist Figure Plans "Really Cool"Global Cooling Experiment

Axis - Casval Rem Deikun AkA Char Aznable, renowned environmentalist & vocal leader of Neo Zeon has announced a new "Super Chill, Really Cool" plan to combat the Earth's rising temperatures. 

At a press conference on the mining colony of Axis Deikun stated "This plan is going to bring down the elite, I mean temperatures. Yeah those temperatures are the true enemy of the people. With this super chill, really cool plan we've got we're going to fix everything in one go. The people of Earth just need to sit back and wait to be vaporized, I mean relax. No need for concern, we wouldn't do anything crazy like trying to crash Axis into the Earth or anything."

While most of the press were convinced, there were a few members voicing their concerns. The Space BBC's reported was worried about "Char's past actions. Sure he helped lead the AEUG but we was also the Red Comet. I'm not sure if we can trust him and he kept saying some strange things like Elite & Vaporize. Maybe it's just me."

At publishing Deikun has assured everyone the extra thrusters attached to Axis are just for his new Space Drifting League and certainly not for crashing into a planet like Earth. 

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