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Boy Band "Project Meteor" Concert Canceled Due to Riots

Orb Union - The classic boy band "Project Meteor" was set to perform on stage in the Orb Union yesterday but unfortunately had to cancel due to a riot. Said riot is rumored to be started by rival boy band the "GAT Boys".

When asked for comment, the quiet boys Trowa "The Bat" Barton & Herro "Mean Man" Yuy said literally nothing. Herro did give us a mighty terrifying stare though, one would think we wasn't going to accept my birthday invitation.

The polar opposite of the group, Duo "The Dude" Maxwell, boasted "Man I can't wait to find that Kira kid and set up a meeting with his maker. His parents are going to be super pissed at him."

We sought out Kira "Jesus" Yamato & Athrun "Sunglasses" Zala for their thoughts. Yamato said " I can't believe they'd blame us, it's just like them though. Can't get past the glory days. What losers, I really hope that Duo guy doesn't call my mom though." Zala said "We totally didn't sneak into Orb to cause mass hysteria and gang wars. We just happen to be on vacation handing out these pamphlets about the Evils of 90's jank."

At the time of publishing Wufei "Sadness" Chang was caught dueling with Yzak "Jewels" Joule. 


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