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Bandai Launched A Gunpla Store in France

Good news for our French friends, they will finally have a proper gunpla store in their country.

TOKYO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - BANDAI SAS (President and CEO: Susumu Hirasawa; Headquarters: Tour W 102, Terrasse Boieldieu 92085 Paris La Défense cedex France) of the BANDAI NAMCO group, Manga Story SARL (President and CEO of management: Patrick Carosella; Headquarters: 13 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris, France), and BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. (President and CEO: Yusuke Fukuda; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will open BANDAI HOBBY STORE, France's very first GUNPLA-focused hobby store, in the central République district of Paris, France, on July 30, 2020.

The BANDAI HOBBY STORE has set itself the objective of expanding the activity of BANDAI SPIRITS plastic models in Europe by offering the largest selection of GUNPLA on the continent. In addition to the products related to GUNPLA and GUNDAM of the BANDAI NAMCO group, the store will also offer many other plastic models. by BANDAI SPIRITS.

The central district of République, where the new store will open, houses many shops specializing in video games, Japanese animation and manga, attracting many fans from all over France. Manga Story, the largest store in the industry, started selling BANDAI plastic models, focused on GUNPLA, about four years ago. The numerous discussions with its president, Mr. Carosella, concerning the possibility of opening a store specializing in plastic models which had been underway for some time, thus resulted in the opening of this new store in the same district.

With a surface area of ​​nearly 200 m² distributed over a ground floor and a basement, the store will accommodate nearly 600 different models of plastic models, including both new and conventional products. With the various categories of GUNPLA organized by color for ease of understanding, and a workshop space at the back of the store where customers can try their hand at assembling models, children and adults alike, beginners or experts will find a variety of ways to enjoy plastic models, from hands-on experiences to purchase.


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