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Ace Pilot Turned Tech Genius Claims Haro Toys Not Spying On You

Side 7 - Amuro Ray, famous Federation Ace Pilot turned tech entrepreneur claims his newest product, a replica Haro, isn't spying on you.  Although it is always on, watching and listening.

Ray stated yesterday in a press conference "This is absurd, it's a children's toy & collectible, it also happens to always be connect to Space At&t's 10G Space Network. Also the cameras never turn off nor do the speakers. We totally aren't selling this information to advertisers like the Republic of Zeon's Tourist Bureau. With affordable space fare, lodging and amazing historic district, you won't want to miss out on your Haro Selfies."

An awkward silence fell over the crowd as a banner for the Republic of Zeon's Tourist Bureau rolled down to no fan fare.

After almost no investigating it was found out that the Republic of Zeon had greatly invested in the Haro. While unconfirmed, we assume that these Trips to Zeon ads are only popping up due to our writing of this article.

Local conspiracy theorist Kai Sheden explains "It's all part of their plan, I'm telling you.  They rake in all this information while you watch SpaceTube or Anaheim Prime. All you have to do is mention something and there's your little Haro buddy yammering on about it. They know man, they know. It's all the psychic witches, they created Newtypes like Amuro to throw us off their trail but I know their out there, I know!"

At publishing Ray appeared before a Space Congress committee over privacy concerns. Although he was very robotic, all he Senators greatly appreciated their free all expenses paid trips to the scenic Zeon resort The Zabi.


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