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Ace Pilot Proposes To Enemy Mobile Suit

Earth - The Union's Ace Pilot Graham Aker proposed to long time rival the Gundam Dynames after confessing his feeling for the mobile suit itself. The Pilot of the Gundam Dynames was slightly confused by this show of affection.

Lockon Stratus, the pilot of the Gundam Dynames has this to say " I mean to each his own. If the dudes that into Gundams that's his business. I almost feel bad for the guy though, it's not like Dynames can answer."

It's been reported that Aker has been slightly waiting on one knee for 15 hours now. his comrades have been very supportive in his search for love. Fellow Over Flag pilot Darrel said "At first we were concerned about the captain but after forcing him on a few blind dates we knew what had to be done. We originally wanted to get the Gundam Exia but found out it was already engaged to it's pilot."

When asked how the physical aspect of the relationship would work Aker simply replied "My custom Flag is an excellent machine and can handle any challenge thrown it's way. No one knows a lovers embrace like my Flag. No One!"

The rest of the Over Flag pilots are waiting with baited breathe while holding preparing for the worst. Rumor is wedding plans have already been drawn up, even netting Tactical Forecaster Kati Mannequin to plan the whole thing. She was equally confused but needed the extra cash to pay for Patrick Colasour's recently mobile suit accident.

At the time of publishing Aker could've sworn he heard the machine say yes but no one else could confirm.


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