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5 of the Most Understandable "Bad Guys" In Gundam

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Before we start I do want to just say these are some of the less common groups/people brought up in these types of conversations. One of Gundam's strengths is how relatable characters like Char can be, but let's look at some of the unsung heroes of this universe.

5. Vagans from Gundam Age

The Vagans get one of the rawest deals in all of Gundam, funny enough in one of the most kid aimed shows to come out. For a little back story, in the first Arc of Age, spoilers BTW. At first the Vagan threat is consider to be aliens, cool twist, but much like most M Night Shamylan movies, the twist kinda sucks because they are just humans in weird dragon mobile suits.

Why attack the colonies? Oh I don't know, maybe the collective earth government covered up what they thought was a failed Mars colonization attempt. When the colony first started it was struggling and requested help. The Earth's government decided it would be best to say a hard no. Covering up the whole thing by erasing it from all records. The aliens thing makes sense now. Death, disease and getting erased from history is enough to make anyone go crazy.

4. Treize Khushrenada from Gundam Wing

For those of you in North American, you undoubtedly remember Treize and the cool caped dude in blue who was friends with Zechs. He built the Epyon and kinda wanted world domination a little bit.

Like any good tactican anti-hero, Treize never really does much him self to dirty his hands and some of the worst stuff isn't done per his instructions. Prime example is Lady Une committing some of the worst actions in Wing. Killing Vice-Minister Darlian and trying to kill Relina, all lady Une's idea of fixing the problem Treize wanted fixed. He later reprimands Lady Une. Treize is the most relaxed boss of all time, Lady Une commits some grave offenses and he just says, act classier next time.

Trieze might have been over a regime that did some pretty shady stuff but a lot of what he did was trying to unify the world and he was trying to follow a code of honor. Up until his death Treize kept to his honor in fighting the worst of the Project Meteor boy band.

3. Rey Za Burrel from Gundam Seed Destiny

Rey is the sad, far more interesting character, to Shinn's lack of character. Rey's tragedy is that his evil deeds are just him being manipulated, not so much a crazed, psychotic vendetta.

Rey is much cooler, calmer and collected, than Shinn and helps balance him out. Almost everything "evil" he does is at the behest of Chairman Durandal or in service to their grand plan. We only see him act on his own a hand full of times, usually to help Shinn. Rey struggles with having more emotions and being less indoctrinated than Rau and breaks at the end. It's a really sad scene that really tries to give Rey one last sympathetic push as the writers knew he was the weird moral center to the Minerva's mobile suit team.

Rey is a good mix of Rau and Mu, mostly Rau but we see him be much calmer and have empathy for Shinn, a friend and someone he's willing to be executed for. He's a little of both with a dash of some Teenage angst. Rey would've made a much more interesting character is he was more in the spot light, showing the struggle between his morals and the Rau in him.

2. Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Smirnov from Gundam 00

To be fair, it's super hard to even count Sergei as a baddie. He's a pretty good dude. He really doesn't do much in the way of bad things, other than having an estranged relationship with his son. That's not even really his fault either.

The reason I decided to put the "Wild Bear of Russia" on this list is he is one of the most human characters we see in 00. Most of the ace pilots or commanders of the Union, AEU or HRL are either super obsessed or just out there. Sergei does his job but hates some of the inner workings of his government. We never really see say Graham or Kati do much in the way of challenging their governments.

Don't get me wrong, I love Graham as a crazy pilot but he'd be an insane human being. Literally. Sergei tries to go back to a family life he missed due to the 2nd Solar Power War. He doesn't focus on war or his country, he just wants to live his best life and he wants the same for Soma. He tries to save Saji and lets Soma/Marie level the aLaws, cause they are basically the Titans.

1. Rambal Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam/Origins

Rambal Ral was equally hard to put on this list. Although he does have a longer wrap sheet.

Everything Ral does is for his belief that Space Noid's should govern themselves. Yes most of the Zabi clan were certifiably insane, but they have charisma and the people behind them.

Ral's biggest crime is attacking the White Base but the White Base is a new enemy ship that just killed a member of their ruling family. Arguably one of the least unstable. he couldn't just leave the ship be, he fought admirably and did his best, even sacrificing himself for his mission.

Rama Ral is revered for personality, skill and valor. he's one of the few enemy commanders we see actually come face to face with the White Base crew. He also gets to share a moment with Amuro, helping to shape him as a pilot.

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