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5 of the Least Good "Good Guys" In Gundam

All of our favorite heroes have their low points but these 5 are almost as bad as the villains they fight. They may have their reasons but that still doesn't make them less questionable.

5. Flit Asuno from Gundam AGE

The first protagonist in the child aimed Gundam Age, Flit in very young when the seemingly evil alien race known as the Vagans start blowing up colonies. Understandably Flit has a strong hatred for them, even more so after finding out they are humans as well. So instead of having a morale conflict, Flit dedicates his life to literally committing genocide and wiping the Vagans out entirely.

This hatred grows over the nearly 100 year span that Age follows and we see not only this take a tole on Flit's mental health but on those around him. It's another point of contention between him and his son Asemu who can see the Vagans as people. He even tried to convince Kio, his grandson, that Vagans need to be killed off, despite Kio's objections.

Aside for the whole mass murder thing, Flit's evolution as a character is really sad. Flit harbors this hate, trying to push it down to live a somewhat normal life. This takes a toll on his marriage, his career and his relationships with his son and grandson. Flit is basically like an old, grouchy man yelling at the Vagans to get off his space before he effectively nukes them.

4. Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing

Although you may remember Heero with as much personality as Plank from Ed, Edd & Eddy, he was actually much more diabolical than that. Think like evil Plank.

Although Heero is passed off as this freedom fighter type, he's really just a terrorist. You may think that's extreme for mr plank but the show even reinforces this idea. One scene that is played a few ties throughout the series is Heero meeting a little girl and her puppy. He meets them, has a good time and later sees the puppy injured after an explosion. Originally this was probably meant to show where Heero started, or to make him the extra bad boy of Project Metor, the 5 piece boy band that is literally blowing up. This hammers home a couple of points.

First Heero is use to this type of mission, he completes it with the same cold expression he always does. He's been doing stuff like this for a long time at this point, likely with little care about the collateral damage done. We do see him start to have this internal conflict, but this doesn't stop him.

Second, he begins to be somewhat remorseful but eventually just goes back to being the same. This happens through out the series, even into Endless Waltz and Frozen Teardrop. Although technically he goes through brainwashing at points but still.

3. Banagher Links from Gundam Unicorn

Banagher seems harmless, just chasing after a girl to stop a war. For the most part that is right. He is a pretty solid with 2 minor flaws.

First he pretty much blindly follows Mineva. While Mineva is a pretty sane leader compared to most, she is young and things can change. Not saying she will go crazy but Banagher has quiet the set of skills now and we know dedicated followings can be dangerous in Gundam. Even with the Silver Bullet Suppressor being a "regular" mobile suit, he's still a force to be reckoned with.

Secondly he pretty much discovers a weird time travel and trusts the establishment to keep it safe, although people try to go steal the 3rd unit almost immediately after the Laplace incident. This is a lot of trust to put in a group you were just fighting. I mean sure we see some "protective actions" taken in Narrative but there is nearly no organization in the UC that can be trusted with that type of power. Speaking of organizations in the UC.

2. Any Federation

Any Federation in any Gundam universe will have a lot of shady business. There are good people in them but over all most of them do horrible things to the people in their universes.

The UC is Federation is awful, they do some crazy stuff and typically the higher ups are shown to be pretty terrible. Even looking at some of the more sympathetic ones, they are shown to be incompetent. A really solid example is Ronan Marcenas, Riddhe's dad in Gundam Unicorn. We don't see a lot of him but he caves to the Vist Foundation/Anaheim Electronics plans to use Mineva instead of treating her like a foreign dignitary. He tries to explain himself to Riddhe but to no avail. The best members of the Federation tend to lay outside of it, such as Bright Noa. Technically Bright is a Federation commander but he over sees the Londo Bell special forces units. He's not 100% autonomous but enough so that we don't see him in the same vain.

Age's Federation is pretty much a shadow government, Seed's is pretty much just UC light and Gjallarhorn is so out of touch that they might as well be on another planet. Get it? Cause they are. I'm clever dammit.

00's is the closest we come to a somewhat decent government before season 2 but even still we're shown scenes of the scheming that takes place behind closed doors and the dangerous mentalities these leaders can have when pushed. All of them take some questionable actions. The Human Reform League leaks info to terrorists about a NUCLEAR WASTE storage facility, that is largely unguarded. The Union schemes with a smaller member nation to start a war and the Advanced European Union does pretty much the same thing, damaging both countries in question physically and economically, especially Morallia.

Regardless most governments in any Gundam show are pretty terrible, just like real life but scaled up to 20 meters tall.

1. Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny

Do we really need to talk about this?

Yes because he is a psychopath. In a similar vain to Flit, Shinn is fueled almost entirely by revenge and rage. He has a few sympathetic moments but his 'Seed" mode or Berserker moments are usually not as heroic as Athrun, Kira or Cagali's. Shin's "Seed" moments are copies of Kira & Athrun's last fight in the first half of Seed. They have stopped caring about their missions and only want the other dead.

Shin has his Kamille moments but fails to capture that same level of growth. This attributes to why so many people call him whiny. He doesn't grow much as a character and we never get a good coming to terms moment providing him any closure.


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