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5 Gundams Brought To You by corporate sponsors

5. The Jose Cuervo Tequila Gundam

Coming all the way out of the Tequila capital of the world, Jose Cuervo's Tequila Gundam is making a plash with the youth crowds at Gundam Fights world wide. While name recognition is the strongest power this Gundam has, it unfortunately wasn't powerful enough to keep it in the Gundam Fights, usually due to drunk rioters served free Jose Cuervo Tequila at these events.

4. The America's Army Freedom Gundam

Hey you, yeah you, do you want to travel the world and get paid to do it? We'll you're in luck, join the United States Army today and we'll let you take a picture with this bad boy, the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. Can't get more American then Freedom can you? Plus Jesus basically pilots the thing.

3. The *Insert Sports Team* RX-78-2

Are the *insert sports team* killing it this year, or maybe they need the boost of a new mascot, well say no more friends! Here's the *insert sports team* RX-78-2 Gundam just for your team. With the added boost of the While Devil of the Federation you're team will win the *insert sports ball championship game title* for sure.

2. The Red Hot's Char's Zaku/Gelgoog/Zgok/RX-78-2

Ever wanted you're mobile suit to be as hot as your favorite hot sauce? Me to! Now with the Red Hot's Char's Mobile Suit line you're mobile suit will be 3 times hotter. We actually used hot sauce to paint each one, it took much longer than expected but only 3 painters suffered 3rd degree burns.

1. The Military Industrial Complex's Heavyarms Gundam

Do you like Guns, Bullets, Gun & Robits? So do we America, and we present to you the Colt/Smith & Wesson/Lockheed Martin/Boeing/Raytheon/H&K/Beretta Heavy Arms Gundam. This bad boy has all our latest equipment in the bullet technologies to sling as much lead fast as possible.


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