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5 Gundam Show Ideas Without War Being a Focus

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We all love Gundam for the war drama but what if we took out the war? How could we possibly continue without large scale mobile suit action? Here's 5 concepts that could bring a fresh twist to the Gundam sphere.

5. Political Drama Centered around the Marcenas family

The Marcenas family of the Universal Century has a long and storied past in the political struggles of the Earth Sphere Federation government. Starting with Ricardo at the dawn of the Universal Century all the way to Ronan nearly 100 years later trying to stop LaPlace's Box from being opened.

Either a documentary style affair or a House of Cards type show would be a huge change of pace, but it would help flush out one massive part of what makes Gundam's Universal Century so appealing. The tense political drama of dealing with the various factions within the Federation. Gundam handles it's world very well, just as well as it's characters, which is something the first season of Man In The High Castle (MHC) can't claim, at least for the most part. MHC has a fascinating alternative history that you want to know more about, but puts characters in front of you, that are really slow burns. Having that same level of interesting world building is a strength that could be utilized.

Trying an AGE thing were we see the 3 major Marcenas family members through their life. Ricardo at the beginning of the UC, showing us when lead up to this moment, Brendon in the middle of the UC seeing the expansion of the Side's and how things start to heat up. Lastly falling to Ronan, following him can really help show how the federation ends up so busted by F-91. We would start to see the seems unravel from the inside. Even seeing the internal struggles that come about with Twlight Axis.

4. A Space Mafia Series in the Iron Blooded Orphans Universe

One of the most overlooked parts of IBO was the Teiwaz organization. This massive group had all the makings of a good fictional corporate/criminal empire, multiple factions scheming for dominance, in fighting and of course shady dealings.

There is a lot of room to expand on this topic and we could see some fan favorites return as well. Starting with the rise of the Old Man AKA McMurdo Barriston. How did such a chill guy come to run the biggest organization in the outer sphere? Its likely that he didn't kill with kindness. Exploring Barriston's life and journey through Teiwaz would not only help establish him but the socio-economic climate in the outer sphere. We could even see new factions and the return of a much younger Naze.

This show could still keep a mostly serious tone while not giving us an all out war. Following the UC's continued shrinking of conflicts concept, this would take the war of IBO and transition into backroom dealings, mob hits, revolutions and strategy. For a real world comparison I feel like a Peaky Blinders style would fit this concept well, a balance between the legit business and the illegal side, while dealing with other groups, fighting with small arms and plotting could really bring out a new side of Gundam.

3. An Origins Style Character study on Zechs/Miliardo

On of the best Char clones has to be Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft. While following Char's influence heavily, Zechs does have his own moments that make him unique.

While Zechs' life does mirror Char's in the early stages, there are a few key differences. First being his family. His family is never really betrayed or some radical new leader, they've been the Monarchy of the country for generations. While the get it due to their ideas, Zechs never really has one person to aim his anger at.

Next are his relationships built in his new life. Treize & Noin are some of the chillest friends ever and seeing them build that would be awesome. This gives Zechs time to slowly adjust to his new identity and we get to see him constantly deny the Noining.

Lastly a lead up into where he gets the title Thunder Count, while not as catchy as Red Comet, it still begs the question of what happened and when can we see it?

2. A Slice of Life Set In 00

Not everything needs to be serious, in fact slowing things down could really turn out to be a great means of telling great character driven stories. One of the easiest universes in Gundam to do this with would be 00.

With 00's Anno Domini era being so close to our current world standing, it would be pretty much just writing a regular slice of life style show with mentions of Gundam stuff. The struggles and everyday life of the general populous would be somewhat similar to our own.

Following someone unrelated to the original shows and creating a new character would be best for a series like this. Some random cast of characters that hear about the Gundams or even the solar power wars, but that's it, they just hear about it. The kinda boring Saji/Louise parts of 00 season 1 but with more interesting characters and a little more fun.

1.A Gundam Seed Idol Show

While this seems like a joke, I can assure you it's not. The series already has a solid basis for why Lacus can put out some bangers but also it could be done with a Gundam spin.

Gundam Idols are a little different then what we've come to expect from Love Live! Lacus is an idol for a reason. Something I pointed out in my 5 Reason To Watch Gundam Seed post was that Lacus is a much more effective character than most give her credit for. She understands the influence an Idol can have and she runs with it. Sure she only has slower jams at the moment but that could change.

Or take the above mentioned 00 route and have a new cast of characters with different reasons for wanting to be Idols. Have it take place in Orb to justify the clashing opinions and make the conflict of this series about understanding people on a way more personal level. 

Take them or leave them, these are some out there concepts but I personally believe they'd be worth watching. BTW that great Thumbnail was posted by Redditor Cheebsthecomp on the r/Gundam subreddit.


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