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5 "creative" Ways To Display Your Kits

Being a builder/collector means you'll have things to display, but how? How does one display things? While Ikea's Detolfs are a super popular option in the collector community in general, maybe you're wanting something a little different. Here are 5 different ways to display your collection.

5. Knolling

This is pretty much the whole reason I'm typing up this article, I've been going hard on the knolling front. What is knolling you ask? While that's a really good question little Jimmy/Jill, knolling is a way of arranging things, as if they were taken apart & organized. Typically used in photography, this allows for a more "museum" or "data file" type look.

There's a ton of neat things you can do with this and the background is pretty much up to you. It went for more of a blueprint/schematic look but the one that inspired me, a member of the r/gunpla subreddit Nick7423. Also here's a link to a Tutorial

A cleaner backdrop with a glass front, all while providing the suit info and in most cases a neat little photo. 

4. Dioramas

This is probably the most common on the this list and for good reason, a lot of builders move on to diorama's naturally after reaching a certain point with their kits. Either building or buying a diorama is a great way to help your display pop & bring out your prized kits. 

While I don't keep my kits like the picture above, a lot of people choose to. That diorama was purchased from the talented Lawless Diorama's on Facebook. 

From recreating your favorite scenes to just a nice thing to look at, this is a great way to add some flair to your shelf like your Jennifer Aniston in Office Space. 

3. Breaking Out

While I can't remember if I've seen this done with kits, I can at least theorize how it would would. Taking a note from the people mounting stands on their walls & the Marvel Legends community comes you kit breaking out of the box.

Basically one would mount a display stand on the wall facing out, put the box over it, after cutting out a spot for the kit & stand, and lastly placing the kit. Either replicating the pose on the box art or just a launching burst out of the box type pose would look stellar. 

2. Backdrops/posters

A cool poster or a shot from a show really help's make a black wall look a lot more interesting. Here I've a few options here, having something basic really helps tie in a display or add a little pop for people with limited space.

A little can go a long way with stuff like this so no need to go overboard, just a simple backdrop.

1. Scenes In A "Shadow Box"

Another fairly under utilized idea to my knowledge but a comment on a Facebook post got me thinking about this. When sharing my prototype knolling display a member of the Plebpla community on Facebook came up with the idea of doing isolated scene within a shelf or a shadow box. Their idea was to put the final scene from War in the Pocket within a single display. 


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