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Hormonal Teenager Steals Experimental Mobile Suit.... Again

Anywhere, Anytime - In a long running tradition of experimental Gundam type Mobile Suits being passed down from father to son, we see Cardeas Vist give his estranged son Banagher Links the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. We assume to try and make up for being an absent father and dying.

Not only did this throw Links' emotions into a frenzy, it also gave him nothing else to lose except an unrequited love he met the very same day. A girl named Audrey Burns, who was really Mineva Lao Zabi a Zeon Princess, stole his "heart" and he did go to great lengths to get her attention. Although Links started out as a terrible pilot, an incredibly high performance machine helps. Like when the "cool" kids in high school got expensive space sports cars but still drove poorly.

When asked for her thought's Zabi simply said "He is alright I guess. A little needy but dependable." We suspect this is also her review of the UC 0096 Honda Space Civic. You can find your very own UC 0096 Honda Space Civic at your near by Chad Radnzable Space Honda Dealership. Starting at $14,999 space bucks, options and financing available.

Captain Bright Noa sought us out to voice his opinions on the young man. "You know he's no Amuro but I couldn't bring myself to slap him, gotta admire a kid going to far to get a chick. Amuro and Kamille were always to worried about the war and newtypes, blah blah blah. They just need to get.." Noa was cut off quickly by Ensign Riddhe Marceans "They were both great pilots who sacrificed alot." It is rumored that people could hear Noa make a comment about the two pilots intimate lives but we couldn't confirm as most of the Ra Calium's staff had dragged Noa away. Noa also sent us a space email after we had left. He indeed admired Links drive to gain Zabi's attention.

At publishing, Links could be heard muttering about Audrey and holding a poorly made doll. Some think the Unicorn Gundam's Pysco Frame has driven him mad. Other's say it's the power of phallic objects.

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