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Cross Dressing Moon Man Actually The Cutest Girl Ever

Earth - Loran Cehack was conned into donning his alter ego Miss Laura, which entailed changing the direct of his hair parting and putting on a gorgeous green dress.

Aside for being fierce and generally stunning, Loran's dancing skills excited a rare moon bee. This is a much need win for the bee as they've been unable to find a mate.

Unfortunately only a handful of people knew this was Loran, and none of them wanted to comment, however we were able to contact Drag Legend Ru Paul for comments.

"This look is reserved and sophisticated but the choker and beads really spice up the look. Just a little I'll be your bee keeper tonight layered on top of one classy queen."

This was paraphrase and several expletives were used, even going so far as to say that Loran was not F-ing it up.

At publishing, Bee-man Harry Ord was writing a heart felt notes out of honey combs and honey. Although completely illegible to humans, Harry refuses to give up on his gimmick, stating simply that he was a buzz.

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