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PC browser game "Gundam Network War" open beta test will start on September 19!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

but only if you read japanese

BANDAI NAMCO has announced a PC Browser Strategy Game called "Gundam Network War" or "Gundam Network Taisen" and will open beta testing for it on September 19th!

Pre-registration campaign that is currently being conducted will pre-register on the game official website until September 18 (Wednesday) and log in will allow after the official service starts.

It seems to be an over the top strategy game.

BANDAI NAMCO states "Luxurious prizes will be presented."

In addition, everyone who registers can receive a “Bright Noa” serial code that can be used in the game, so be sure to pre-register at this opportunity.

What that means, we don't yet know. We assume it means that Bright Noa will have particular traits or skills, or perhaps just that you get to see him as your preferred leading character.

It appears that the game will take the player(s) through generally known scenarios with pilots selectable within that particular campaign eqiuvalent of the story, perhaps like GUNDAM EXTREME vs-FORCE? which then allow a team-synergestic or organizing ability within your strategy which seem to be called "corps" or "forces"

There seem to be particular advertising campaigns or perhaps some sort of in-game video that coordinates with the events going on within the browser game.


To note, the browser game is in Japanese completely at this time so if you can read Japanese fluently, perhaps you could beta test the game and tell the rest of us what is going on within the game.

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