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5 Important Characters In Gundam That Got Shafted

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

These 5 people(s) played important roles in their respective series, putting their faith into a protagonist and eventually getting the short end of the beam saber for it. It that the better side of a beam saber? Who knows? I know that these 5 people(s) got shafted though.

5. Tolle Koenig

Tolle was Kira's best friend in the first half of Gundam SEED. A regular guy that did his best for his friends and long time Girlfriend Miriallia Haw. Tolle is the most well balanced and adjusted male member of the Protect Kira Squad (PKS), rarely being the source of any drama. Even at that his drama comes as his death.

After his death the series moves into it's second phase and pretty much forgets about him. In case you aren't familiar, or don't remember, Tolle tries to help Kira in a very close fight with Athrun. Tolle was in over his head, but his death scene is one of the most visceral and emotional in the series. Unlike Nicol's death with Athrun, we got to see Tolle be a dude, just an every day average normal guy. Jon Lajoie would have been proud. Tolle had Kira's back, even joining the military so Kira wouldn't feel obligated. Don't forget about his long time girlfriend Miriallia. Although she doesn't 100% forgot about him, we never get that moment where Miriallia has time to fully grasp what's happened.

Not only in the lore does he get screwed but in the real world as the writers also seem to forget about him to. I'm not suggesting a whole funeral arc but the most effect we see if Miriallia's hesitation to have feelings for Dearka Elsman, like 10 episodes later. Kira is too caught up in being a savior and the rest of the PKS looses what screen time they had, no one cares about poor dead Tolle.

4. The Entire Sanc Kingdom

The pacifist Sanc Kingdom gets wrecked twice in Gundam Wing, all because people can't trust pacifists. But they totally do. That is the whole reason Relina is important, she's the princess that was promised. Queen Relina Peace-for-everyone, sums up her character.

Her parents die because they stick to their none existent guns. Although it's mentioned to be a small nation, it had to have citizen's that lived there. That was a huge mistake. Apparently not having Mobile Suit Deterrents (MSD) invites people with Mobile Suits to steam roll into your capitol.

The entire country, and most of the regular world and super into Relina Peacecraft crafting some peace like it's Kraft Mac 'N Cheese. They not only refuse to move they actively support the leader, until we assume that mobile dolls step on them.

3. Ryu Jose

Ryu Jose was the big brother style mentor to Amuro Ray on the White Base in the first half of Mobile Suit Gundam. Ryu was a regular solider and helped Amuro avoid Bright slaps slightly earlier. Trying to mentor Amuro in the ways of being a solider and taking responsibility, Ryu was trying his best to keep him and his companions going.

Ryu sacrifices himself to save Amuro and everyone's sad for all of about 20 seconds of screen time. This is a character that made it from Side 7 all the way back to Earth and had a combat role. Ryu was the nice big brother to Bright's potentially abusive dad, he could be stern but he was typically understanding. He knew none of these kids signed up for a war, but they didn't have a choice so let's try to make the best of it.

Ryu gets about as much remembrance as Lt Matilda, a character who appeared for 4 episodes max. Ryu deserved better, he's in a better place enjoying all the honey glazed ham he can eat.

2. Woolf Enneacle

Woolf gets screwed in two generations, but will style and grace like the White Wolf does. Woolf Enneacle is the senpai of Gundam AGE's first two generations. Helping Flit become a better pilot, only to be out done and taking young Asemu under his wing, making him a Super Piloto.

Let's start with Flit's arc. At this point Woolf is a young, famous mobile suit racer, giving up his sport to fight mysterious, seeming unstoppable aliens. He helps Flit learn to use his X Rounder abilities. How does Flit respond after becoming a high ranking military official? Never talking about Woolf and leaving him stuffed away with Rookies on the aging Diva. A man that gave up a very lucrative career as a racer ends up as this universes equivalent of that one drunk uncle.

This gets us to Asemu's arc. Now Asemu isn't directly responsible for Woolf's end but in this arc we see a whole different side of him. We see that Woolf is a much better father than Flit. In the short time under Woolf's command, Asemu makes huge strides in both ability and personality. This all makes things even sadder. Woolf meetings his fate on the battlefield, serving as Asemu inspiration to stick it to his dad. Until he becomes a dope space pirate.

1. Heine Westenfluss

The orange boy himself, the literal Wunderkin, gets Shinned so hard my shins hurt just thinking about it.

Heine Westenfluss, is an Ace pilot in the Gundam SEED Destiny story line. Think of him as Char without the murderous intent and orange. Heine is a member of ZAFT's super special forces unit FAITH right before Shin takes his spot. It was intended that Heine would pilot the Destiny Gundam, which is why its the most popular recolor of the unit. Not only had he made a name for himself, he had an aspiring career.

Now technically Shin doesn't kill him, or even really get him killed, but needing Shin to be the pilot of the Destiny Gundam did. Heine was a character that would have much more to do in the background and would probably be similar to a Shiro type, but like why more competent. Being a member of FAITH means this dude had some skills and stories. I mean that was an honor, up till that point only given to Athrun. A war hero from the first Plant-Alliance war that saved millions of lives by "sacrificing himself".

Who do you think got boned out of a bright future?

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