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P-Bandai: Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND prepares for October Release

Remember those cross-over images we thought were going to be part of a new Gundam multiverse series?

Months after the original teaser photos were sent to the internet, we finally have more information about the source of the exciting multiversal images.

P-Bandai is the source. You don't know that by now?

The images are part of the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEYOND Official Book slated to release in October 2019.

The 56 page book takes you through Mobile Suit Gundam and it's many universes, complete with summaries and nostalgic visuals of some of the most iconic Gundam series of the last 40 years.

Also included will be interesting tutorial images depicting tips on how to draw or animate popular Gundam characters, as well as colored papers from over 80 staff members and cast from the various Gundam series.

Very cool if you enjoy drawing Gundam, sell Gundam images or posters, or if you just like to know the inner workings of the Gundam universe's animation!

The book will also include "How To Make A Gundam" that reference images and certain original drawings that can help you sketch your own Gundam, as well as Gundam Music (presumably how to play your own music but is unspecified)

This will definitely be an amazing anniversary book for collectors, artists and collectors alike and will definitely be a keeper.

Mobile Suit Gundam: 40th Anniversary Beyond Official Book will release in October 2019 and can be pre-ordered now from the Premium Bandai website for 2,220 Yen.

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