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Hiroko Moriguchi's “GUNDAM SONG COVERS" appropriate for date night

So, that's what happens when you vote in those Gundam polls..

In 2018, Gundam fans worldwide voted on their most beloved Gundam vocal songs, resulting in the creation of the GUNDAM SONG COVERS, an exquisite vocal orchestral, commemorated by the timeless voice of Hiroko Moriguchi.

GUNDAM SONG COVERS contains Mobile Suit Gundam's most universal and timeless theme songs, modernized and reborn through jazz, acoustic guitars, pianos and violins.

An orchestra fitting for Magallanica.

The physical CD, which released in August 7th gracefully took the hand of 2nd spot on the Oricon Daily and the 3rd spot on the Oricon Weekly and coincides as part of Mobile Suit Gundam's BEYOND 40th Anniversary and Gundam 40th Festival LIVE-BEYOND.

Commerating the 40th Anniversary of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM.

GUNDAM SONG COVERS contains 10 of the most emotionally powerful tracks decided upon by Gundam fans worldwide in partnership from NHK to deliver only the most striking nostalgia.

GUNDAM SONG COVERS is the first official Gundam Vocal Soundtrack in 34 years and will be a beautiful love song to the memories of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM for many decades to come and makes an excellent present to any Gundam fan.

  1. With love for the water stars ("Mobile Suit Samurai Gundam" opening theme)

  2. Ai Warrior ("Mobile Suit Gundam II Ai Warrior" theme song)

  3. ETERNAL WIND ("Mobile Suit Gundam F91" theme song)

  4. BEYOND THE TIME -Beyond Mobius Universe- (Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack theme song)

  5. Shine in the Storm ("Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Platoon" Opening Theme)

  6. Freesia ("Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" ending theme)

  7. JUST COMMUNICATION ("New Mobile Report Gundam Wing" opening theme)

  8. Meguri Ai ("Mobile Suit Gundam III Meguri Ai Space" theme song)

  9. Beyond Samurai / Time (Opening theme of "Mobile Suit Samurai Gundam")

  10. RE: I AM ("Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 6" Space and Earth "" theme song)

  11. Beyond the Universe [Bonus Track] (The theme song for "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IV Eve of Destiny")

* 03 “ETERNAL WIND” is a self-covering coupling of Hiroko Moriguchi's single “I wish” Re-recorded "In the Wind-2015 Ver."

* M11 "Beyond the Universe" is a re-record of the title song of Hiroko Moriguchi's single "Beyond the Universe" (released in 2016).

GUNDAM SONG COVERS by Hiroko Moriguchi will release to most digital platforms September 11th, 2019 for peaceful listening anywhere and can be physically purchased from King Records (Japan).

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