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Wandering Stranger Asks If You've Seen This Man

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Earth - A strange man in a hobo-esk cloak has been wandering aimlessly presenting an old ripped photo, asking if innocent bystanders have seen the man in the photo. The answer is almost always no, resulting in the man flying into a rage and destroying the city in his government sponsored Olympic Death Machine, otherwise known as a Gundam.

One such event occurred in Rome where local hero Michelo Chariot tried to stop the rampaging man. He was eventually over powered and had his Gundam's head blown up. This defeat and the resulting traumatic brain injury, left Chariot unable to speak to us.

This strange man is none other the Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu. We approached Neo-Japan about their fighters reckless, self centered actions and they simply said this is the best anime they've seen in years. The space elite apparently don't realize the Earth is still real.

Instead of approaching the clearly unstable Kasshu, we asked Rain Mikamura for comments on these actions. "He's just really caring you know? He really misses his brother and just wants to reconnect. Or kill him, I think he killed he dad or something. I'm sorry I get distracted a lot, those battle suits are skin tight you know." Mikamura trailed off, muttering something getting dom owned later.

Friend, fellow shuffle alliance member and rival George de Sand was less understanding. "Domon is crazier than Napolean in the winter in Russia. He's not very bright, it must have been all that fighting, he's not a gentleman like me. In France we have some class, who just grabs someone else's face like that. It's classless and..." De Sand was interrupted by none other than Chibodee Crocket, the Neo-American Gundam fighter. "Domon is down right crazy, I tried to box him once and we ended up in our Gundams, I didn't even want a Gundam Fight. Some dude with an eye patch said ready go and it was on."

At publishing, we're still to scared to talk to Kasshu out of fear our building will be crushed.

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