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Man Who Loves Red Calls Strangers To Laugh

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Space - Quattro Bajeena aka the Red Comet aka Char Aznable aka Chad Radznable has been prank calling people across space, simply laughing into the receiver. People are mostly confused, while only the financial supporters of the Anti Earth Union Group (AUEG) are concerned.

One AUEG accountant had this to say "I'm sure it's not good for him to spend 18 hours of the 24 hour day prank calling people from a combat perspective but these long distance call expenses are getting ridiculous. Everyone's worried about the Titan's coming after us, I'm more concerned about Space AT&T. One month he racked up enough fees that we couldn't buy another MSA-003 Nemo, those things aren't cheap either." The unnamed accountant ran off quickly after his phone rang mutter about selling kidneys to cover long distance charges.

Bright Noa, captain of the AUEG's flagship the Argama defended Char's actions stating that "It's hilarious and keeps him out of my office. Now I can plan slapping Kamille is different ways to make him a better pilot. Maybe he'd respond better to someone else's attacks."

One victim of Char's intense phone barrage is one Bask Ohm of the Titans. Ohm has grow fond of the confusing calls siting that they are consistent and Char's soothing laugh is like ASMR. No one else seems to share this opinion.

When asked for a comment, Char simply laughed at us and insisted he wasn't Char Aznable.

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