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5 Reasons It Would Suck To Be A Newtype/Whatever

If you're unfamiliar with what a Newtype is, welcome to the Gundam Fandom, we have weekly support groups for crippling addiction to plastic models. A Newtype is a person with a physic ability to sense people's emotions and intentions, giving them a nearly precognitive ability to see the future. As you can imagine, this gets abused hard in all it's iterations in Gundam. The UC has Newtypes, Age had X rounders, Wing had the Zero System, X had Newtypes, Seed had Berserkers, 00 had Innovators and so on.

5. Everyone Wants A Piece

Not only are you on the military/government's radar but in the UC we see companies like Luio & Co. are searching out Newtypes for business purposes. Now when we see this in Narrative things kinda work out but most of them time you'd be exploited at best. At worst you'd be surgically altered and experimented on. Amuro's the only one we see go unscathed, but he ends up so PTSD'd out that it takes him nearly a decade to start doing stuff again.

In X we see smaller city state's snatching up Newtypes for the same reasons. The military applications for more accurate forecasts without needing a huge intelligence network would be the bow and arrow of it's generation.

We don't see as much out of Age, Wing or Seed, as Age was mostly for kids, Wing's was a computer that'd drive you insane and Seed had a bunch of race war stuff. Thought Kira does get used to an extent to pilot the Gundam. 00 is hard to examine in this light as it's super restricted, the governments of the world don't really know about it and it seems like a higher plane of existence instead of a weird mutation.

4. The Mind Reading Problem

Depending on how strong your Newtype abilities are you start getting close to being psychic, without the clarity. It's a fairly common trope for mind readers to get over loaded and hear everyone's thoughts, taking years of practice to focus in on a select few. For Newtypes it's feelings instead of thoughts, considerably more vague and we've never seen anyone consistently be able to focus on one feeling, it hits you in waves.

Sure this seems pretty minor in terms of a pro/con list, but imagine never being able to shut that off. We have that to an extent already as regular humans. Boss, Coworker, friend, significant other in a bad mood? Won't tell you why? Now you're in a bad mood? Bam, now amplify that. It's like listening to that shitty guitarist on the lawn of a college campus pluck away at his guitar, to going to a shitty punk show where you can't understand the lyrics but you know it's loud and mad.

Narrative is a good example, even though it's confusing. Rita leads Jona and Michele to the cliff to help share the load of the colony drop. The pysic energy in the UC isn't exactly explained well but hugely traumatic evens could lead to sustained mental trauma. I mean it already does, but crank that up to like 20. Although no the direct cause, Kamille Biden of Zeta Gundam ends up in a vegetative state originally. Huge amounts of that Newtype energy help cause this to happen. Don't forget either that Kamille is considered to be one of the strongest Newtypes to ever live, if not the strongest. He went through a lot but it just goes to show you that power can be too much.

3. Career Opportunities Get Limited

Sure being experimented on is a lot worse than not getting to pick your job, however we see a total of 3 different professions that Newtypes get to choose from. In the UC you can be a mobile suit pilot, lead a nation/cult or be an advisor to a company. Oh wait, forget that last one.

More often than not, regardless of your skill, you'd be forced into a combat role, potentially being experimented on to learn more about your fancy new space powers. I wouldn't matter if you were a genuine Newtype or a Cyber Newtype. Both get the shaft when it comes to choices. I'm honestly not sure which is worse, Cyber Newtypes are almost universally mentally unstable, typically due in part by the reasons above, and real Newtypes can end up being offed and their "spirit" shoved into a mobile suit.

Even in other universes you're stuck. In X you could be an advisor for military and business operations, but you'll still be under constant threat. Wing's Zero System would drive you mad, even Herro and Zechs can't handle it at first, which Herro taking part of it out and it limited you to being just a pilot. Age has the best out look as it seems X rounders can be whatever with Flit's daughter serving as the main example. She's studying to be a nurse or doctor.

2. You Can Never Have An Equal Relationship

I was going to focus on Char & Amuro as they have the longest history of two Newtypes but that's not fair. Although they hate each other after being kinda some what alright in Zeta. A better examination of this downfall is actually the relationships Newtypes have with old types.

Let's go down the list here, Amuro never marries or has a serious girl friend until Chan, he never really got to spend time with Lalah, and Beltorchika wasn't a great fit either. even had Lalah not been killed, there would still be a lot to learn coping with being able to feel each other's inner feelings. Sure this in theory would be great, an evolution in human communications, however that is one part of the puzzle. Being able to sense other's emotions is great but being able to interrupt them and cope is different. Still better than being one sided which is eventually what happens with Beltorchika and Chan. We see it most with Beltorchika and it's a very awkward one sided affair by the end.

Kamille has the same after Four. Sure there are people there to support him but he'll never have that connection again. Like ordering the salad instead of the soup and always wondering what the soup was like, but with more emotions and less food.

This is best show off with Flit from Age. He's the only one we get to see mature into an adult with a family. It's clear in the show's second arc that not only is he unhappy with his wife but also his regular son. Even his relationship with his daughter is barely there and she's an X rounder like him.

In short you would have a long, hard walk to understanding the full scope of emotions in the Newtype world and you're far more likely to end up with an oldtype that can't feel in the same way.

1. You'll Live A Stressful Life.

If you're still super into being a badass Newtype pilot, kick names and taking ass, let me remind you that you're ace pilot days will thrust you into more Bright slaps and Char gut checks than you can shake a space stick at.

Going back to the limited number of feasible jobs, these require not only a ton of composure in the face of danger but you'll be counter on more and more by the people you serve. No one really knows the scope of what Newtypes can do, so it'll be bound to happen that your abilities will get over estimated. You might be able to handle it, you may not, either way you're going to age like a president.

Extreme levels of stress can not only cause your mental state to worse but your physical health. Newtypes don't have an enhanced body and you'll feel it really fast.

Now I know you're saying but what about peace time, Amuro seemed okay in Zeta. Amuro had to take a near decade break and "train" rookie pilots in a luxurious house in Colorado. What happens the minute war breaks out? He's right back in it.

Other universes may not have it as bad but still the long term effects of that level of stress will drive a person mad. Flit is a great example. By the end of Age he's an old man with a genocidal mission and had been discharged from the military for it. This also caused a rift in his family. Sure he comes around on Asemu, only because he becomes a super piloto.

All in all, you can count me out, I'd rather live in blissful ignorance like Shiro, Kou, Woolf and the other regular people who just exist.

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