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Humanity's Savor Appears After Being Kidnapped By Space Princess

Plants - Kira "Jesus" Yamato awoke this morning in a strangely heavenly place after suffering a case of mobile-suit-self-detonation-to-the-face-itous. Yamato's first and most logical thought to date was that he had died and gone to heaven after saving his friends from certain death. Except Tolle Koenig, whom everyone promptly forgot about.

Koenig's ghost had this to say "Those ungrateful sons of, I get axed and he gets to be freaking space Jesus. How's that fair? I was Heroic, I was in the least toxic relationship, hell I was even 50 years away from retirement."

Yamato was greeted by self proclaimed space princess Lacus Clyne. Clyne had apparently secured Yamato's seemingly lifeless body after close friend & blind fellow Reverend Malchio stumbled across the body. Malchio recounts the event "Well there was a thunder storm, then a really loud explosion. I decided it was time to cosplay my favorite superhero Dare Devil and investigate. I accidentally slammed the poor kid into a couple of trees on the way back, honestly thought he was a baby deer. I was going to nurse it back to health to be my crime fighting side kick."

Yamato was confused but figured he'd never led a cult with a pink haired space princess before so why not. Plus he gets a brand new mobile suit every time he cheats death.

At publishing time Yamato could be seen trying to convince long time friend Athrun Zala into joining stating that there would be extra special meetings for all three of them and a pink/purple mobile suit for him. Zala is still on the fence.

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