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Local Boy Steals Robot, Accidentally Kills Father, Creates Daddy Issues

Side 7 - Amuro Ray of Green Noa's life was turned upside down today, when some fellow who were up to no good, started making some trouble in his neighborhood. Several Zeon MS-06 Zaku's started to destroy military instillation on the colony terrified, shell shocked witnesses explained.

Fraw Bo, a local teenage girl and self proclaimed friend of ray's had this to say: "Well those big mobile suits came down like a hammer and ended up killing everyone else I know, I'm just kinda stuck with Amuro. Before I would try to help take care of him since his Mom was still on earth and his Dad was kinda a dick, but now he's going to be my teen angst, PTSD filled main squeeze."

Ray hijacked the Earth Sphere Federation's newest mobile suit called Gundam, part of the top secret V project. Conveniently Ray was around to find the instruction manual and was able to pilot the machine to some degree of success. Downing one Zaku and blowing a massive hole in the colony. This explosion and resulting hole ending up killing Ray's distant father.

At first Ray didn't seem to be phased but his actions began to worry those surrounding him. Murmurs of feeling people's intentions and understanding everyone were wildly out of character for a 15 year old boy forced into a war.

Luckily enough for Ray, a new, fresh faced father figure was readily available on board the Federation's new warship, Ensign Bright Noa. Noa had this to say "That Amuro kid is kinda a whiny brat, but it beats beat blasted into space by some asshole in a pink space suit."

Distant shouts could later be heard describing the color as more of a light red.

At the time of publishing, Ray was engaged in a space sword fight witnesses describe as fierce and nonsensical.

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