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What Needs To Be Made From The After Colony Universe (Gundam Wing)

As much as you may love or hate Gundam Wing, you can't deny there are a lot of unique designs in the universe itself. Between what we see in the anime, the movie, the main line manga story lines and the side stories, we have a whole host of Leos, Gundams and Tallgooses to look at.

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In the infamous words of Ramba Ral "This ain't no Zaku boy". Although they share the same role, The Zaku and the Leo are quiet different. The Zaku is more intimidating where the Leo looks much more mass produced and standardized. The Zaku also has representation in the MG line, sadly the Leo does not. We lack a good 1/100 scale Leo, as much as I would love a MG, I think a RE/100 or new No Grade would make more sense. It would be a new mold, but with it being very basic, it would be an easy project. With it being pretty simple runner wise, that leaves a lot of room for accessories. It's not a very Bandai move but make one Leo with all the accessories and attachments. Let customizes and painters go nuts. Have the flight pack, the space pack, the machine gun, shield and beam sabers, should cannons bazooka and maybe even a flag. More likely though we would see 3-4 releases, at least 2 being pBandai, and no fully definitive version of the kit. If we wanted to go crazy with pBandai stuff, the three custom Leos from the G Unit side story would be great picks. The S, N and R type are special custom units of the Stardust Knights of OZ Prize. They use the base leo and make minor changes, The legs of the S could be reused for the Aries and the N types legs might work for another, and even lesser appreciated design. Speaking of pBandai, our good friends over at Canadian Gundam have been working real hard on stocking more of them, check it out. As a small footnote to the Leo we could get the Tragos, the weird hover tank artillery piece. Big cannons are cool right? Regardless with the popularity of the new HG Leo, I could see these being a real win for Bandai, regardless of the line. I mean If they can make 3+ kits out of the same mold, they'll probably do it.

Continuing the trend of grunts suit from Oz, any form of the Aries would be the logical next step. If implemented, we would see an HG first but a 1/100 No Grade similar to the 00's flag would be a great stand in next to the MG EW kits. Perhaps the most basic transforming mobile suit to exist. Sweep the legs back and the back skirt up, bam, flight mode. If they really wanted the a pBandai Noin custom and a commander's type, those would be easy jobs. A nice simple stand similar to what came with the old Age 2 HG would be a nice little addition. It wouldn't be the hottest kit to come out but there would be at least some interest.

A really cool set we could get, would be the Oz aquatic mobile suits Cancer and Pisces. These two would be limited in articulation, potentially be parts formers and need stands but aquatic mobile suits deserve some love to. If there were fully transformable there could be some new engineering come from it, allowing future use. A weird set of kits could really be a field day from an engineering stand point. A non bi-pedal aquatic mobile suit that has never been made into an HG, MG or NG would be a good test for other mech designs. If nothing else they'd at least be unique. These are pretty out there but even a pBandai release would be really cool to see.

The last basic Oz grunt suit is one that has been on my wish list for years. The Taurus is one of my all time favorite designs of not just Gundam, but mech design in general. Honestly the fighter mode would be a simple transformation but I would prefer they didn't even include it. More likely than not a HG would be the one form that would even get made. It would need to not be a flimsy, jank hunk of junk. There aren't a lot of different reuse options but the basic Oz color scheme and the Sanc Kingdom version. Maybe a set of six to recreate the mobile doll squads. Regardless I love this design and I don't think I am alone on that. I am not sure if the design is just hard to make into plastic or if it just isn't popular enough in Japan but it's sad such a cool design has been shafted for so long.

I'll keep the Maganac corp part short. All I'd like to see is the EW version of the suits. Minor color change and some slight design change. Nothing major and probably a pBandai move but still, it would be nice to see it.

The next two would be a set as well but aren't exactly grunt units. They lead to grunt units but they are more like prototypes. The Vayeate and Mercurius need new, updated releases. Why stop the pBandai train of the RG Tallgoose body? They use basically the same frame and armor. A pBandai set would be pricey but for those hardcore Wing boy band fans, it would be a must have. Mold the waist down in red and blue, minor armor changes to the chest and head, should changes and weapons but that's it. The weapons could be reused for our next design.

The Virgo and Virgo 2 could reuse a lot of Tallgoose, Vayeate and Mercurius, this would put the in the MG or RG line, which would be really unlikely. These would be more relegated to HG's but hey I'll take what I can get. The reuse would be pretty easy but I don't hear people asking for these kits. They really aren't anyone's top picks. The Virgo 2 would be a little hard to do with it's massive shoulders and the back thrusters but If it happens they'll find a way.

Tallgoose Flugel is pretty much just a kit bash at this point in both RG & MG. The only things we would need is a lance and a new head fin then we have a very angelic goose. This would undoubtedly be a pBandai release but Bandai could get a lot of mileage out that Tallgoose frame.

Speaking of the Tallest of Gooses, with the RG Tallgoose 3 coming out we are one step to an RG Epyon. We have a solid MG to base it off of and with the heat whip from the Tallgoose 3, it is only a matter of time before we see Zech's red pointy boy.

Probably one of the most wanted grunt suit from wing would be the Serpent from the Endless Waltz movie. Make a grunt suit of the Heavyarms you have the Serpent. We did receive an old NG but we could use a solid, thicc modern version of this fan favorite.

Speaking of the Heavyarms, with the Wing and Sandrock, at some point we will see a HG anime version of the big gun man. Of course we'll have to round of the main 5 with the Shenlong and Deathscythe. A full set of HG's of the five main boy band units would look great next to the rest of the above mentioned suits. We could also use the rest of the RG line up. We have the solid MG EW line, let's just shrink those bad boys down.Of course we can't forget about the Geminass units 1 & 2 with all of their attachment packs.

With that we have rounded out the After Colony timeline with kits. Of course if I have missed something please leave us some comments on our Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel. Of course check out our wonderful sponsors over at Canadian Gundam.

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