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Bandai Namco Acquires Bluefin, Establishes U.S. Toy Company!


Bandai Namco Holdings announced on Wednesday that it has acquired an 80% controlling stake in Nippon Imports, LLC, the collectible toy sales company that owns and operates under the brand and trade name Bluefin. The company will establish a new subsidiary named Bandai Namco Collectibles in October that will continue to operate under the Bluefin name, and will begin operations in January.

Nippon Imports, LLC founder and CEO Steve Fujimura will serve as the new subsidiary's CEO, and will maintain a 20% stake in the company. Bandai Namco America senior vice president Kōji Iwata will be the company's COO.

Bandai Namco Holdings noted in the announcement that it acquired Bluefin to strengthen and speed up its merchandise sales in the North American hobby collectibles market, to use Bluefin's local business knowledge in organizing fan-oriented events, and to use its existing distribution network.

Nippon Imports, LLC, under the Bluefin brand, imports and offers Japanese collectible toys in the North American market, including Bandai's Gundam model kits.

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