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New Challenger Approaching - A New Perfect Grade ? NANI????

Ahhh the beauty of the Social Networks, so it seem that Hobby Link Japan just listed a brand new Perfect Grade Kit for pre order. We know that the kit will be release next December and it's currently listed for 24 840JPY (No waifu include).

What could it be? The triggering rumor on the dark place we call internet, is that it will be the PG OO Seven Sword.

Bandaid hasn't reveal anything yet so prepare your share button and keep an eye for the upcoming Bandai spirit announcement.

For the common mortals among the builders communities get ready to see your groups feeds get overrun by peoples sharing the news because peoples never double check to see if someone else already shared it. (On the Gunpla Network Facebook Group we will try to contain the outbreak, if not some of your mods might fall in the line of duty #prayforyourmods)

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