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Review: SDCS Crossbone Gundam X1

Release Date: June 30, 2018

List Price: 800JPY

Continuing with our review of the SDCS series from Bandai, lets take a look at how the Crossbone Gundam X1 stacks up against the RX-78-2.

Being part of the first trio of kits released for the SDCS line (along with the RX-78-2 and the Nightingale), the Crossbone Gundam X1 is an interesting choice to be part of the first wave of kits from the new SD line. I would have figured any Zaku variant would be included in the initial release, but it’s a good thing that the Crossbone is getting some love instead.

For this review, I’ll focus more on the SDCS variant of the Crossbone. Having assembled the RX-78-2 using the SD frame, (click here for that review) I am more interested in seeing how the CS frame works on a different kit.Lets get started.

Building Process 9/10

You get 5 runners included in the kit, 1 being the dedicated (A1 runner) for the regular SD frame. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m more interested in the Cross Silhouette variant, so I had to purchase the CS frame separately. The other two runners are for the weapons, armor and the backpack for the Crossbone. The manual is pretty similar in layout to the one from the RX-78-2 set, namely having english translations to the instructions along with descriptions to assemble the Crossbone in BOTH standard SD and Its CS counterpart.

There are no unused parts in the kit if you opt to use the standard CS frame. Again, like the RX-78-2 kit, the Crossbone does not use any standard polycaps.

There are no major seamlines visible on the Crossbone aside from the ones along the side of the head where the two pieces fit together above the side vents.

The amount of stickers for this kit is a little more than that of the RX-78-2. Stickers are provided to highlight the arms, waist, chest, head, and the eyes (more on the eyes later).

This kit is a very relaxed and easy build, and in the vein of the SD line, will take only a short period of time for you to complete assembly.

Articulation 6/10

Very similar articulation are achievable in the Crossbone as that with the RX-78-2. You have some bending action in the elbows and knees as well as significant shoulder rotation due to the sliding movement attributed to the CS frame.

The ball joints of the CS frame again helps a lot in providing ample movement for the SDCS Crossbone.

The SDCS Crossbone X1 also has the signature cross-thrusters attached to the backpack which can be manipulated individually to open or close. The verniers however are not molded separately from the cross thruster structure.

Now we come to the one thing that bugged me about this kit. (Also the reason why its only 6/10 for this particular criteria)… the head. Now the head of the Crossbone is actually good looking. The vents are separate pieces which will be helpful for those who like to paint their kit. The V-Fin is actually molded in yellow and the skull emblem on the forehead is a separate piece which is very nice too! The mouthpiece has a gimmick that you can actually raise or close it depending on the look you want to achieve.

With all those neat stuff in the Crossbone noggin’, what the heck am I complaining about???

It’s the EYES! The awesome gimmick that impressed me with the RX-78-2 kit was that you had part separated eyepieces and lenses that can rotate which then enabled you to use both the anime stickers AND the serious mecha style peepers. In the Crossbone, that gimmick is gone. Sure, you can still rotate the eyepiece but the lenses are no longer a separate part and instead has only stickers for BOTH eye variants (anime style and otherwise). I was really hoping for the same style as the RX-78-2. But, it is what it is I guess.

Accessories 9/10

The Crossbone X1 comes with 2 weapons: a beam sabre and a pistol.

The design of the beam sabre is very nice and the beam effect itself has a nice mold. The hilt for the Sabre can be combined with the pistol to form a Beam Rifle, effectively giving you a 3rd weapon.

It was a nice touch to have the combined weapon gimmick for the kit and having them be designed with the details that they have.

Overall Look 8/10

Similar to the RX-78-2 CS version, the Crossbone is a slick looking kit. It looks cool even without paint. Details look good and I would again commend Bandai for making a great kit--- except for that ‘eye’ thing I mentioned earlier… yes I’m still not over it. I would have given this criteria a 10 if not for that part.

Fun Factor 8/10

Fun factor is still high despite my hangup for the eyes. The cross thrusters and their ability to be opened or closed really adds to the posing capabilities of the Crossbone. Having 2+1 weapons adds to the fun of getting this kit displayed in different action stances.

Final Verdict. 8/10 (Buy it!!!)

I would still recommend for you to get this kit. The ‘eye’ hangup I mentioned earlier is most likely a personal gripe and doesnt actually hamper the movement or capabilities of the SDCS Crossbone X1.

So far, I’m happy with the 2 kits from the initial wave of SDCS kit. Do I dare to get the 3rd one and compare? Hmmmm…..

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