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Review: SDCS RX-78-2 Cross Silhouette Set

Release Date: June 30, 2018

List Price: 1400JPY

The SD (Super Deformed) Gunpla Line from Bandai has been around for a long time. Legend has it that it started as a sketch by a japanese high school student that got picked up for a serialized comic in a model magazine.

However way it started out, it has become so popular over the years spawning various lines in itself. The latest of which is the SDCS (Super Deformed Cross Silouhette).

The SDCS line was just released at the end of June 2018 and of course, one of the first sets that came out was the RX-78-2 Gundam which will be the subject of this review

Building Process 9/10

RX-78-2 SD Configuration

RX-78-2 Cross Silhouette configuration

Right out of the box you get 4 runners, 2 of which are dedicated runners for the regular SD frame and the CS frame. This is one of the innovations I find really exciting for the SD line. Having an actual inner frame to attach the armor opens up exciting possibilities for customization. The SD frame is very similar in size to the typical SD kits that we have seen over the years. The CS frame however has more joints and is a bit taller to enable additional articulation for the kit.

The other 2 runners are for the RX-78-2 parts and accessories. Some stickers are also included which can be used for the eyes and weapons.

The manual is very easy to follow and has decent amount of english translations that we can commonly see in kits released in 2018. The manual has clear instructions to assemble the kit in either the SD or the CS configuration. The only un-used parts for this kit are the 2 pieces that make up the ‘bonus’ GM head that comes with the CS frame. An interesting thing to note is that there are no traditional polycaps included in the whole set.

Seam lines are particularly minimal or at least hidden effectively when pieces are assembled.

Even with the new inner frame design, this kit will still take you a relatively short time to finish. So its not unheard of to get several kits to build at the same time. As of this writing 3 other kits are already available: the RX-78-2, Crossbone, and the Nightingale.

We also have to note that all of the basic SDCS kits include the standard SD frame and that you need to buy a separate CS frame to build it in the CS configuration. The kit we are reviewing however, already comes in a set which includes the CS frame but can also be purchased with only the SD frame included.

Articulation 9/10

While there are no major changes in articulation for the SD configuration, the big difference can be seen if you opt to build the CS version. Being an SD, limited movement is achievable but utilizing the new CS frame, knee, arms and elbows can bend significantly more than their earlier SD counterparts.

One thing to note for the RX-78-2 kit is the head. It has significantly more parts separation than previous SD incarnations. A nice gimmick would be the fact that you can utilize BOTH the anime style eyes and the classic version of the eyes at the same time. This is achieved through rotating the piece where both the eye stickers go to the opposite side where the yellow eye lens ( which is also conveniently part separated for ease of painting!) is located. No need to decide which style you like best, you can actually use BOTH at the same time!

Accessories 7/10

Bandai deserves props for adding more details to the three items included in the new iteration the SD Gramps, but I’m honestly disappointed that the classic bazooka wasn’t part of the set. It kind of feels incomplete that way. I’d have given this part a 10 if they included it in the kit.

That being said, the rifle and shield details are particularly commendable since they have a bit more ‘mass’ than previous releases. The rifle has a moveable scope and is ‘thicker’ than just a flat gun shaped plastic we find in earlier SDs. The shield has a nice weight to it as well and while the yellow EFSF star emblem on the shield is not a separate piece (its actually molded in white and you get a yellow sticker to place on it), it has enough clearance from the piece so that you have minimal difficulty in painting it if you so desire.

The shield can be easily mounted on either arm where sockets are conveniently provided. It also has space to place the hand grip if you want to mount the shield on the Gundam’s backpack.

Overall Look 9/10

The RX-78-2 Cross Silhouette version looks really good even without painting it. Minimal stickers are needed to get the classic look or even the cute anime look we are used to in SD kits. The details that were crafted for the head definitely sets this apart from the previous versions.

Panel lining the kit will help bring out the craftsmanship we have come to expect from the fine engineers at Bandai. I also appreciate the minimal visible ‘hollow’ pieces that was prevalent in the SD-EX Standard line previously released by Bandai. The only place where its actually noticeable for the RX-78-2 is underneath the arms.

Fun Factor 9/10

I feel that the fun factor for the new CS version of the RX-78-2 is actually improved from the regular SD version. This is due to the fact that you can actually pose this thing in quite a lot of ways.

I tend to look at SD kits before as ‘cute’ novelties and the current option of the poseable CS frame gives me more incentive to get more of these kits!

Final Verdict. 8.6/10 (Buy it!!!)

If you’re a newbie to Gunpla I won hesitate to recommend trying out an SD kit just to see how fun it can be to build one. But if I had to choose which type of SD, hands down get the SDCS RX-78-2 Cross Silhouette Set! It brings you just enough combination of ‘angst’ and ‘kawaii’ that we expect in tiny big-headed Gunpla. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one, build it, and see for yourself!

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