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Review: Mig Ammo Acrylic Paint

After noticing, the Youtubers that I watch were using Mig Ammo paints I decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss was over.

First thing, let’s talk cost. A 17 ml jar of Mig Ammo already running at $2.83 is already cheaper for me than the Tamiya acrylics. At my local store Tamiya acrylics run about $3.80 per 10 ml jar. Therefore, price wise they are cheaper.

One of the major selling points is you do not need any thinner, it’s up to you if want to thin it more, they already come pre-thinned. Not needing to thin them was a major buying factor for me. Thinning paint is simple, but if I can take out some steps and still get a good finished product, you won’t find me complaining. You just put some in your airbrush and you are good to go.

On to the subject of air brushing with Ammo Mig. What I noticed is that you need to go slow and spray many passes before you get the target color you are going for. Be sure not to spray too much at one time, as this will cause it to bubble up.

When it comes to hand brushing with them, they are amazing. They level very nicely, and they don’t clog up my brush and are very easy to clean off. I will say that if you plan to do a lot of hand brushing with them, make sure you pick up some retarder. This will help the paint to not dry out too fast. Being pre-thinned, they tend to dry out fast.

Another neat feature is the added single ball bearing in each jar. This allows you to easily mix the color up in the jar. I did notice that the paint does tend to separate itself pretty fast. So you will be doing a lot of shaking.

I only found two negatives with this product and one of them will not affect everyone.

First con for me is dry time. I’m used to painting with Tamiya, 15 minutes and you are good to go. With Mig Paints you need to wait at least 12 hours to pass for it to dry completely.

Now the second con, remember this will not affect everyone. I have not found it anywhere other than the U.S.A. to buy it locally or online. This requires me to order directly from their website. Now the website is very user friendly and their customer support is on point. The major pain for me is that they are located in Spain; this makes my shipping fee automatically over $20. That being said , they use DSl to ship and they are amazing. Way better than UPS or USPS. So yes, you pay a good chunk in shipping, but it’s being shipped to you first class.

After all is said and done, I would definitely recommend these paints to anyone. The colors are beautiful and they pop. They have a huge selection to choose from as well. Don’t let the shipping fee scare you away. Pull the trigger and pick you up some. You won’t be disappointed.

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