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Review: Reborn 1/100 Efreet Custom

Release Date: April 2016

List Price: 3780JPY/ 40.49USD/ 53.03 CAD

I can’t deny it, I am a Zeon man. I just love most of the suit from Zeon. Big fan of Zaku, Gara Doga, Kshatriya, Dom and especially Efreet. The reborn Efreet Custom was always up there on my buy list put I never pulled the trigger on it, mostly because I am primarly a Master Grade Builder and the line is already so vast but after seeing it in real I had to get one that thing look so good and after my delightfull experience with the Reborn 1/100 Bawoo I was ready to revisit this line of Gunpla Again.

I just want to preface this review with the box art that look stunning, the Efreet Custom look gorgeous and powerful. Simply one of my favorite art out there.

Building Process: 10/10

I finish the build of the Efreet custom in one sitting. It was delightful and quite relaxing. A simple build without anything concerning. I personally paint the inner frame gunmetal, I would suggest you paint since some of it is expose and it will only make your model look even better. Contrary to the master grade line, the hose found at the waist are not single units but a straight line that you have to bend and attach to the back, it might look scary at first but sincerely it is super easy.

Both shoulders are mold in one piece and you have to add the spikes on it. Mine tended to fall until I properly push them in just need a bid of observation. The head sculpt look particulary gorgeous and is super easy to assemble, same thing with the mouth hoses they are molded instead of being single units, but everything is perfectly fine. I am repeating myself but sincerely it was a really relaxing build

Overall Look: : 8.5/10

Before I start you have to keep in mind this is not a Master Grade but a Reborn, this is like a bigger High Grade with more details so im going to judge the overall look from that perspective. The Efreet Custom is a stunning looking kit with a lot of surface details, the color separation is pretty good and it just look awesome on the shelves beside any UC kits.

My only gripe with it is the color separation behind the missiles pack launcher. Bandai simply did not do it, its all mold in one color when its suppose to be black and white. It is quite disappointing but hey that is why we paint our kits. I love love the look of the legs and the chest and even if the shoulders are mold in one piece they look super good. A lot of surface details this kit will need panel lining to break all that blue and orange. Couples of stickers for the cameras and the mono eye but sincerely nothing too dramatic and finally theses sword they look stunning (more to come)

Articulation (7.5/10)

Once more this is not a master grade so the articulation is a bit more limited here. The head move a bits but nothing spectacular. The legs cannot fully bend but I blame the back skirt for it. The arms can perfectly bend and the shoulders are on a polycap by themselves and do a full pivot. This thing was made to be a ground unit and that’s where it should be, It can look good on an action base but it will look better on the ground with his 2 heat swords out and ready to destroy the foots are also on a pivot and can move a bit from right to left.

Accessories: 10/10

It is the efreet custom I expect nothing less than 2 awesome looking heat swords and that is what I get. I am happy, bandai also gave us 2 sets of manipulators. Otherwise you get a pretty regular sheet of stickers but the real mvp here are theses swords and damn they look good.

Fun Factor: 9/10

This is one of these kits that I just enjoy building, it was an easy process, it looks god damn awesome and threatening. I wanted the Efreet Custom and that is what I got. It is just pure joy to look at and it will look good in your collection.

Final Verdict: 9/10 (Epic Kit)

I am simply falling in love with the Reborn line. The efreet custom is one of theses kits that look stunning once you add a bit of love to it and for that price you can’t go wrong. It is a simple building process and so relaxing, the Reborn line is now my to go line when I want to take a break from the Master Grade Line and I am so excited to see what bandai got for us in the future. If you are thinking of getting the Efreet Custom do it do not hesitate.

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