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Gunpla Network Anniversary Giveaway (Facebook Members Only)

To continue with the Gunpla Network first anniversary celebration we have another giveaway for our Facebook Members, where the party started. Graciously provided by our awesome friend at Canadian Gundam we offer your the chance to win the HGCE 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam.

How to enter:

- Be a member of the Gunpla Network Facebook Group

- In the comment section of this post on Facebook write down your first name + your country + talk about you as a member of the Gunpla Network (what do you like of the group, when did you join, which of our platform do you like the most or whatever else)

- We will stop taking entries on the 5 February 2018, we will announce the winner live on the Gunpla Network YouTube Channel & Facebook Group.

(this giveaway is open worldwide)

Do not miss our YouTube Giveaway

We want to thanks Canadian Gundam once more for sponsoring this event, please check their online store for your next order flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada!

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