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10 Recommended Master Grade Gunpla Kits

How many times do you see someone ask which kits should they get? This question has resurfaced more than once on every online Gunpla group. That is why I will try to help out with this top 10 list of Master Grade Kits you should get if you are a newcomer to the Master Grade Line. This list will not include any Ver Ka., since I do not consider them newcomer friendly. Ver Ka’s are great kits, don’t get me wrong. I love Ver Ka’s. But the sheer number of decals and all the inner frame details can be intimidating for a newcomer to the line. Please bear in mind that these are not arranged in any particular order. These are only 10 kits that I personally think you should consider. With that in mind, let’s begin.

10. MG 00 Raiser

Release Date: May 2011

The 00 Line is a fantastic one, all the kits have amazing surface details and the articulations of any kits is quite good. I choose the 00 Raiser because of its look on an action base, as a newcomer to the line you want something that will look good Out of the Box. Well let me tell you, that thing looks FABULOUS. The biggest concern with that kit is the backpack weight issue. It is so heavy, it will be hard to make the connector hold it. However, once it’s in place, you should be good. The building process is quite easy and the GN Sword is just one of the best-looking weapon in the whole Gundam Universe.

9. MG Deathscythe Hell Ver EW.

Release Date: February 2011

I am not a big fan of the whole wing series design, but I can appreciate the simplicity of this particular build. I went with the Deathscythe because of his main weapon the Scythe Saber. It just looks SPECTACULAR and it will show in your display. It’s also one of the cheapest Master Grades around; another reason for it to be a good first pick for newcomer.

8. MG Zaku II High Mobility Johnny Ridden Ver 2.0

Release Date: September 2008

If you are a mobile suit fan, you absolutely need a Zaku in your collection. In my opinion the Zaku II High Mobility Johnny Ridden Ver 2.0 is the best looking one. The Zaku frame is simply fantastic, the color separation is great, and it comes with the hyper bazooka. It looks great on the ground or on an action base and is easily customisable; this IS the Zaku you are looking for!

7. MG Freedom, Providence, Justice Frame 2.0

Release Date: April 2016

Ok im cheating here, im putting these 3 together because they are using the exact same inner frame with a bit of variation. But what can we do? That particular inner frame is SO good. They are all superb and can do action poses really well. It really depends of your own taste which kit you like the most. I have always been a fan of the Freedom and despise the Justice. However, after building this version of it I now prefer the Justice over the Freedom. That is how good the build is! if you are considering any of these kits, definitely buy it and I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

6. MG Double X

Release Date : March 2015

We go back to the 90’s with this awesome looking kit. This is definitely an action base kit. There is no other way around it. It’s super easy to assemble and it looks great Out of the Box. The faceplate of the kit is quite unique. This is the kind of kit that you will just have a blast to build without any other concerns. BUY IT!

5. MG Jesta

Release Date: April 2013

Ok I may be biased here. I have a background in law enforcement and the MG Jesta really resonates with me, especially because of how it looks! But take away the aesthetics of this kit, it is still very easy to assemble, the articulations are great and it’s definitely one of the better grunt units around (yes, I’m looking at you Jim!). The orange faceplate looks great, the weapons and manipulators are sturdy and it’s super poseable with or without the action base.

4. MG Turn X

Release Date: June 2014

Are you looking for a mobile suit that looks weird without any flaws? Then the Turn X is for you! This thing looks like a giant mantis and I can definitely understand how some people will not like how it looks. For me it was an acquired taste, I did not like it at first but the more I look at it the more I loved it. It is quite original and its an awesome center piece to a collection. Add to that, the separation gimmick and that giant claw and you have yourself one awesome mobile suit.

3. MG Sinanju OVA

Release Date: March 2013

If you had experience with the RG and the HG lines of this particular kit in the past, you might want to grab this awesome looking monster. I will sincerely never suggest this kit to a brand new Gunpla builder with little or no experience at all. This thing’s inner frame is quite a chore, but oh boy does it look GOOD! The OVA version comes with the Hyper bazooka contrary to the ver ka kit. It also fixes the waist issue. Plain and simple: it’s just a STUNNING kit!

2. MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0

Release Date: May 2015

I’m putting the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 in this list because I just love the look of it and it has that awesome gold finish. It’s one of the best-looking kit directly out of the box and it’s so much fun to build. No major issues at all. It has great poseability. The weapons might not be that great, but you get this kit mainly for its looks… and it’s definitely worth it!

1.MG RX 78-02 (Gundam The Origin Ver.)

Release Date: March 2017

This is a no brainer: You NEED to respect Grand Daddy Gundam! For that, you absolutely need an RX 78-02 in your collection. I personally would go with the Gundam The Origin version! The ‘Special’ version (limited release) came with 2 LED units. But even in the regular MG release, it goes with the more iconic look and also comes with 2 ‘V-Fins’: the regular white one and the yellow one from the manga. It is a joy to build and looks good on or off an action base. Definitely a ‘must-have’ for any Gunpla builder!

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