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The most expensive Gunpla in the world, PG 1/60 RX 78-2 GOLD (24K) Coating ver.

LEGEND IS COMING, Finally, It's time for releasing my most precious treasure. I plan to set this album and video to be a NEW YEAR GIFT for GUNPLA world. BEHOLD!! One of the most wanted Gunpla for every collector. and Sure!!, This is the first time for it fully reviewing in the world too!! 1/60 PG RX-78-2 GUNDAM GOLD VER, well-known in "One Million Yen Gunpla". It's the 1st winning lottery prize from MG SPECIAL MECHANIC SEAL W CHANCE CAMPAIGN on 2002, there are just only 30 kits for this campaign, they were divided to 5 continents, 6 kits each. and there is 1 extra unit for Champion of "BANDAI ACTION KIT ASIA CUP" on 2003, so totally 31 kits in the world. This model is the only 1 PG that coated by 24K GOLD. so it seem look like a treasure in my opinion. This album is contained every special 24k coated runner, inner frame, and over all view of this kit. At last, for something truly special like this, I proud to present my Full Review VDO of this Gold ver. and I wish you guys will appreciate it as I do. - Perfect Collector

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