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BREAKING NEWS - Bandai is taking legal action against the company know as Dragon Momoko

Earlier today, Bandai (Shenzhen) has reported to take legal action against third party model kit manufacturer Dragon Momoko on the grounds of copyright infringement.

After investigating and contacting a Chinese translator, we can now confirm that this letter is legitimate. It was also shared on the OFFICIAL Bandai Chinese Weibo account. We have yet to confirm the court's decision regarding this case outsde the contents of said letter.


"We have proof that Dragon Momoko has produced and sold a very large number of illegal Gundam kits which infringe the copyright of Bandai. We have submitted a law case against Dragon Momoko in September 2017 in Shanghai City. The Shanghai Police is taking a very serious stance regarding this case and it is thanks to their swift action that the factory that produces Dragon Momoko kits is finally closed for business and many of their model kits have been confiscated by the authorities. The owner of the factory is also under detention. Also, we have asked Taobao to close two main stores which sells the Dragon Momoko kits in China and other countries. There many fake Gundam manufacturers and re-sellers and this affects our business. We will continue to hunt them down from this day forward. We thank the Chinese police force for taking serious action and measure. We will continue to work together to crack down fake copies of GunPla. We also hope consumers will support this and continue to buy only original model kits."

- Gunpla Network News Investigation Team

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